Career Talk: Perk Up Your Resume

In the job application process, resumes are the pinnacle document that applicants need to perfect. Any typo, grammatical issue or poor description can land that resume that you worked so hard on in the trash.

We want all of our chicsters to land their dream jobs and internships, so we've compiled our tips for cleaning up your resume!

New Year, New Chic: Finding an Internship/Job

During the holidays, most college students spend their time visiting and traveling with their families and friends. Students are given the chance to take a break from their busy semester schedules and relax instead.

This past holiday break, I came to the panicked realization that I was about to graduate in less than five months and that I didn’t know where to turn for jobs and internships.

The process was stressful and at times a bit overwhelming. I realized my security blanket of college was about to be uncovered as I began to focus on what people love to refer to as “the real world.”

New Year, New Chic: Setting Post-Grad Goals

It happens every year. Somewhere amid the holiday season and New Year’s Eve planning, a friend or family members asks you the dreaded question. While talking about 2013, someone was bound to ask you “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” to which you probably muttered something cliche about losing weight, in a startled realization that you had yet to meet last year’s expectation let alone form a thought about the upcoming year.

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Image

By Marissa Kameno, graduate student at Quinnipiac University These days, your Google search results page could mean as much (if not more) than your resume. Employers have access to a plethora of social media accounts and online profiles — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the list goes on. And the sad truth is that at each

Is Working On or Off Campus Better?

You see them everywhere on campus: baristas at Starbucks, front desk assistants, sales associates at the college bookstores, resident assistants, lifeguards, food servers, cashiers at the dining halls and support staff at recreational centers.

Every year, universities hire thousands of students for on-campus jobs. The goal of student employment is to help students finance their education as well as prepare them for the job market by incorporating fundamental skills and gaining lifelong values.

However, many students opt to find jobs off campus as well.

After talking with college students at the University of Alabama who have either on- or off-campus jobs, I discovered that their job experiences have both positive and negative advantages.

5 Basic Necessities for Your Resume

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama You walk through the front doors of the building to let the receptionist know you are there. The receptionist then asks for you to wait outside in the lobby until you are called upon. Moments later you hear your name and begin walking through the doors.

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Talking Careers with #UChicJobTips

We talked with Intern Queen Lauren Berger and National Journal Staff Reporter Olga Belogolova. Find out what they had to say!

Finding (And Keeping) a Summer Job

No matter what kind of work you decide to do part time over the summer, it won't be as easy as you think to land a job. Blogger Ashley Tripp gives you the 411 on what you need to know about getting a summer job.

Navigating Your First Internship

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