College Safety

College Students Experience Increased Rates of Depression

If you’re feeling down and aren’t really sure why, there’s no need to feel alone. A 2003 study cites that as many as 15 percent of college students may have symptoms of depression, and about 10 percent of college students arrive on campus with a history of depression. Many times, a culmination of different factors

Spring Break: Worst Case Scenario

Find out how to get yourself out of jam BEFORE you get into trouble.

UK Cosmetics Company Develops Lip Gloss That Detects GHB and Ketamine

A British cosmetic company is getting positive press over its decision to create a lipgloss that protects women from two common date rape drugs.

Spring Break: How to Stay Safe But Still Have a Good Time

Stay safe this spring break by making smart decisions on where you travel and who you hang out with. What else should you do? Read on and find out!