How to deal with heartbreak during the Valentine’s Day Season

It’s not a lie when people say, “breaking up is hard to do.” It is. You spend part of your lifetime learning about this person that you’re with–growing together and making memories–and it’s upsetting when it all comes crashing down. But I can tell you from experience, time does heal everything, and it will get

College Relationships: Why They Really Can Work

  It is a common idea among this generation that relationships present more negatives in our lives rather than positives. A relationships prevents you from “doing you”- a common saying that encompasses the idea that we need to spend our adolescent and young adult years focusing on ourselves rather than on somebody else. Relationships prevent

Summer Romance: To Stay Single or Mingle

Summer Love is a tricky subject because while there is much fun to be had in the sun–there is always, in the back of your mind, thoughts of another school year. Especially for Chicsters back home after college it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should mingle or stay single. 1. Don’t

Dealing With Dating in Your Early Twenties

Carrying out a relationship during college is no longer a fairytale romance right out of  The Notebook. With endless classes, exams and managing a new environment away from home, fitting a love life into your college schedule is the last thing on your mind. Relationships in college usually are equal parts giving and taking, but

Spring Fling: Four No Pressure Date Ideas

Warm weather allows the opportunity for love to bloom. Looking for some great date ideas? Here are four fun activities you can try around or near your college campus. Picnic.  Find a place on campus with open space and a good amount of shade. Bring your favorite blanket (or towel), some food for lunch and

#FollowFriday: What We Read This Week

Finally, Friday! Check our some highlights on this week: Tips on Balancing School and Sorority: It’s commonly said by members of the Greek system that with Greek life, you get out of it what you put into it. A sorority can be a big commitment, and there’s always a fundraiser or social event to

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and one of the sweetest things you can do is make a do it yourself gift for your significant other or friends! Here are some great crafts and treats you can make easily at home to let the ones you love know it! 52 Reasons I Love You

College Dating Do’s and Dont’s for 2014

  By Anna Jonas: Dalhousie University Dating in college is different from any other time in your life. You’re always meeting new people and you have all the freedom you could ask for. However, it also comes with different expectations. Make 2014 your year to do relationships right! DON’T be afraid to speak up. No

Avoiding Freshman Puppy Love

So it’s your first semester at college. You’re feeling anxious yet excited about what these four years will bring— and you’re probably wondering about how many cute guys there will be on campus! While college dating can be healthy, remember that your number one priority is to YOU! That’s why it’s important to:   1.

Ladies: Don’t Make These Date Outfit Mistakes!

Guest Post by Jennifer Kelton Dating is an art, and the fashion choices you make to meet a potential mate says a lot about your personal style – or lack thereof. Surprisingly, many women don’t even know that they’re making date outfit mistakes. That’s why Jennifer Kelton, CEO/Founder and Lead Stylist for Dress For The