From College Candy: 3 Little Words You Will Want to Say

Some people call it being an enabler, while others cheekily refer to it as the "Captain Save-a-Ho" Syndrome. Are you constantly trying to prop your guy up at the expense of your own time, money, or energy? This week, College Candy explores the three little words you need to memorize before you get in too deep.

Is Your College Gay-Friendly?

Is your college homophobic? Weigh in with today's U Chic poll.

Would You Date a Dude From Harvard?


In a world where the “Millionaire Matchmaker” can have a hit TV show based upon pairing wealthy men with hot women, it’s no surprise that there are now websites for the rest of us that can do the same.

The Text Kiss-Off

"It's not me, it's you" is now being served up via a quick text and an even quicker deletion.

Tufts University Introduces “No Sex While Roommate Present” Rule on Campus

Ever been forced into sexile by a roomie intent on hooking up...even if you are in the room or need to cram for an exam? Tuft University is saying "no way" to this awkward three-way.

Embrace your singleness!

Being single is fine and dandy in college… until all of your good friends have boyfriends. Trust me, I actually enjoy being single most of the time, but it’s a major snag that all my roommates have boyfriends. It can get pretty lonely sometimes, no lie, but it has forced me to expand my circle

Dating 101: Does Your Relationship Make You Happy?

We've all heard that in order to have a friend, you have to be a friend.  I've recently discovered that this basic principle applies to all kinds of relationships: with family, with co-workers and with significant others.

Dating 101: Can Online Flirting Lead to Real World Dating?

I've talked about my absolute distrust (and disgust) of online dating sites before. It's not that I don't think they can't work out for others, but I personally would just rather meet someone in a "cute" old-fashioned way, like through mutual friends or at a party. Maybe I'm behind the times, but that's what I feel comfortable with.

Dating 101: Attract a Man…By Not Talking?

I know they call it the "dating game" for a reason, but is tricking a man into being with you really acceptable?

Apparently,  Margaret Kent, author of How to Marry the Man of Your Choice, thinks so.

Dating 101: Am I Dating Out Of My League?

Lately, I've been running.  Two miles.  Every day.  This is quite different from my usual after school routine a few months ago which had included a bottle of Carlo and reality T.V.