Dating 101: Goals Over Bros

This week has been hectic. I not only started classes, I also changed my major, signed a lease for next year, created a new project at work – and started researching internships.

Dating 101: Beating Break up Season

As you all probably know by now, I went through not one, but two breakups this year. As a girl who has only been in two serious relationships, this means that I spent most of the year broken hearted. According to a recent study by Yahoo!, we have officially ended break-up season. Basically, the study

Dating 101: Taking it Slow?

I’m can’t lie: I thought this day would never come. The day when I finally decide that I’m okay about my last breakup – and willing to accept a date from a male. Yes, that’s right. I went out last night and had dinner with a boy. It was completely harmless – super-friendly and not

Dating 101: Is it ever okay to cheat?

That boy I dated this past year really did seem like “the one”. Not in a cheesy, oh-my-god-we’re-gonna-get-married-after-knowing-each other-a-week way. More in the this-is-the-first-guy-who-has-ever-really-understood-me way. We had a lot in common: from our major, to our outlook on life, to weird little quirks like having milk with every meal (Hell-o! Doritos and milk are a

Dating 101: Single during Santa Season? Not so bad, it seems.

I have been home approximately three days , roughly 72 hours, and let me say, it’s already been an absolute whirlwind of alcohol, presents, family and old friends. I think I’ve experienced every emotion possible: from nostalgia, to anger, to happiness, to anxiety and back again. The holidays, for me, have translated into a ridiculous

Dating 101: Dealing with Rejection – Gracefully

I found this blog a little hard to write today. Maybe it’s the nasty weather, or the fact that I haven’t slept more than three hours a night this week, but most likely it’s the fact that I am still beating myself up over my most recent breakup. Although I did the initial rejecting, I

Dating 101: Crazy Blind Dating

"Are you feeling adventurous?” boasts the main page of, a website dedicated to just that – crazy, spontaneous blind dates.

The creators say that although “online dating sites are okay, sometimes you just want to go out immediately, with reckless abandon.”

Dating 101: Ho-Ho-Holiday Dating

So here I am, frantically typing on my aunt’s computer, eight hours away from parent’s house and a good 12 from my own. My uncle has decided that, given that it’s Black Friday and all, Christmas music is the obvious replacement for an alarm clock. From Thanksgiving until the beginning of January, the holidays (and

Dating 101: Hooking up with an Ex?

Once upon a time, I dated a boy for five years. He was my high school sweetheart. We did everything together. We went everywhere together. We weren’t afraid of public displays of affection (in fact, we embraced them quite often). Basically, we were that couple that made people sick. However, as it’s been said, all

Dating 101: Playin' Games

Just like everyone says they "hate drama" and don't want to be involved with it (but yet, always are, somehow), people also say they hate playing "games" when they date.

But, in reality, isn't dating pretty much a big game in and of itself? You play games when you don't call when you say you will.