Dating 101: Playin’ Games

Just like everyone says they "hate drama" and don't want to be involved with it (but yet, always are, somehow), people also say they hate playing "games" when they date.

But, in reality, isn't dating pretty much a big game in and of itself? You play games when you don't call when you say you will.

Dating 101: Livin La Vida Single

I’ll admit it: I’m a relationship kind of girl. Ever since I was a freshman in high school, I’ve been practically attached at the hip with a member of the opposite sex. For almost 6 years, I’ve rarely been introduced as just “Erica”. I’ve always been “so-and-so’s girlfriend.” However, all of that changed a month

Dating 101: Feminists Do It Better

Why do feminists have better sex lives?

Dating 101: Sell Yourself

People “sell” themselves everyday. In personal ads, job interviews – you name it. But attempting to sell yourself on Craigslist? Sounds crazy, but someone did it. And caused quite a controversy in the process. In one ad, a self-proclaimed “classy and articulate” woman writes, “I’m looking to get married to a guy who makes at

Dating 101: Want him back? Just ignore him.

Is the best way to get a guy back is to pretend he doesn't exist?

Dating 101: The (Least) Best Way to Break Up

Have you ever broken up--or been broken up with--over the phone or text message?

Dating 101: Women Are Copycats (And Not Just With Clothes!)

Female friends sometimes have the same taste in stuff like music and fashion. But is it the same when it comes to men?

Dating 101: Are You A Booty Call?

Do those late night phone calls mean he's crushing on you or just looking to hook up?

Dating 101: Like A Virgin

Is it possible to remain a virgin in the over-sexed world of college?

Dating 101: Alcohol + Dating = Potential Disaster

Drinking and dating just don't mix. Here's why.