Diploma Diaries

Staying Involved as a Post-Grad

By Emily Roseman, Alumna of American University Colleges are breeding grounds for do-gooders. With endless philanthropic opportunities and boundless volunteerism thrust upon your academic experience, it’s at times hard to fit in any “me time” when you’re busying helping others! But when push comes to shove in the real world, you tend to shift from

Diploma Diaries: Not My First-Choice City

It’s hard enough finding a job these days, let alone in the city that we want.

If we’re lucky enough to even find a job in our chosen field, we may find ourselves having to move to city that is either less than ideal or a place where we don’t know a soul.

As someone who moved to a city where I didn’t know a single person, I can relate. While it was a little hard at first — having spent more than one Friday night at home without plans — I made myself go outside my comfort zone to meet new people and eventually started to enjoy my new life.

Diploma Diaries: 4 Unexpected Ways to Find Your Path After College

Almost a year later, my last official day of college is still so fresh in my mind.

I walked right off the commencement stage and into my emptied-out apartment. Lonely and full of fear of the blank slate in front of me, I finally had to face a question that I’d never had to address before: “What now?”

If you’re like me and have been planning your next move since high school, the idea of having to face the unknown is perhaps the most terrifying thing you can imagine.

Diploma Diaries: Making Friends After College

In college, it’s so easy to make friends after that initial period of not knowing where you are and how to make your way around. You meet people everywhere -- from classes, to the dorms, to parties.

But what about after college is over? It’s important to meet new people as you are a brand new grad! But the struggle is: Where are these “young” people in our cities and how can we meet them without being completely awkward?

Diploma Diaries: Wedding Gifts on a Post-Grad Budget

Summer wedding season is in full gear and coming fresh off the college campus with a less-than desirable budget can create some awkward friction when getting the perfect wedding gift for family and friends.

While many brides and grooms opt for the idiot-proof method of wedding registries for their gifts, it’s always more heartfelt to surprise your hosts with a personal touch.

Diploma Diaries: Staying Healthy as a Post-Grad

We’ve all been there, desperate for a hot meal that involves little to no cooking and quick enough to shovel down to get on with your next assignment. Unfortunately, my bad habits didn’t hit me until I moved back home following graduation. I looked at my photos from the ceremony and couldn’t recognize the girl looking back at me. Who is that? Is that really what I look like?

It was that smack with reality that kicked my butt into gear to truly get healthy -- physically and mentally. Whether it’s your last moments as a college student or burning the midnight oil at the office, eating right is just one part to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a post-grad.

Announcing Our ‘Diploma Diaries’ Giveaway Winners

For the past two weeks, we've asked you to share what you're most concerned about with the real world. You gave us your honest answers, and we chose the top five to win copies of our guide to post-grad life, "Diploma Diaries."

Here's what our winners had to say!

Diploma Diaries: The Freelancing Life

I’ve always perceived myself as a “professional intern.” When I was offered a permanent freelancing position with ABC News, I was not only overjoyed, I was comfortable with the road ahead.

Marking almost a year of my anniversary of my first-time employment, never did I foresee myself being so satisfied with my career and future outlooks as a freelancer. Freelancing, in my rose-colored glasses, meant pennies for paychecks, no benefits and glorified intern status. But I am living proof that freelancing in any career offers incredible experience and profound freedom to explore your greatest talents.

Diploma Diaries: Negotiating a Better Salary

When you’re about to start your first job out of college, having “the talk” with your soon-to-be employer can and will be a tad awkward.

Remember that negotiating your salary should be a mutual ground between you and your boss -- not a day at the auction house. With these five tips, you will be well on your way to a stable paycheck!

‘Diploma Diaries’ Giveaway Extended

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