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What Every #GirlBoss Must Do This Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Are you excited? I’ve been so worn out by the school year that it seems like freedom just can’t come quick enough. Of course the first thing I’m going to do is catch up on sleep, but after that, the world’s my oyster. These upcoming few months are really

Top 5 Best Fashion Apps

With school back in full swing, girls are strapped with study sessions, part-time jobs, and plenty of extracurricular activities. Come midterms, many collegiate ladies find their biggest fashion statement their choice in highlighter or fluorescent sticky note. Want to look cute on the go? There’s an app for that! 1. Keep This application is the

Four Alternatives to the Ponytail

Sometimes a ponytail gets a little repetitive to wear day in and day out. The basics of the a ponytail are to keep hair out of your face and stop you from suffocating under the weight of your own hair. Check out some fun alternatives to the ponytail. 1. In a Bun: Buns come in

Summer Chic: Best End-of-Season Fashion

Finish off the season with textures, bright colors, and great shapes. Before you start layering sweaters and jackets for fall — let’s finish things off in style. You don’t need to worry about what’s trendy if you stick to the classics, and right now, everyone’s ending their inventory on summer-themed pieces, so the sales make

Summer Style: 10 Hot Beauty & Fashion Trends

The days are longer, the sun is warmer, and the summer is in full swing. You have grad parties, family picnics, bonfires, and beach trips to prepare for. I’ve looked through the latest things on my friends’ and the trends I see when I’m out and added some of my personal go-tos to the list!

Beauty Basics: 5 Tips to Protect Your Skin this Spring

I know your parents have probably nagged on this since you were 5 years old, but I’ll say it again here: Wear Sunscreen. If the idea of sunscreen is just too much for you, go to your local makeup or drug store and invest in a really nice moisturizer with SPF in it. I like

Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Closet

The first signs of spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a second chance to start fresh and get ready for summer. The best part about transitioning into spring is the time I spend cleaning out my closet to make room for new bright colored clothes. I’ve always had a

What We’re Reading: Backpacks are Back in Fashion

All have us have once been the new kid in school one way or another and wanted to fit in with the latest trends; here is my new favorite! Recently I was surfing the internet and came across this amazing and trendy article about backpacks! I was a little caught off guard because at CU

#FollowFriday: What We Read and Shared This Week

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chicsters! What did we LOVE on UChic this week? Check out excerpts below from our must-reads: Editor Relections: Unpaid Internships to NYFW: “Many times, unpaid internships make college and post-grad women feel under-appreciated and overwhelmed; I know that’s definitely how I felt back then. But now, with a career doing what love, filled

Editor Reflections: From Unpaid Intern to NYFW

It’s that time of year again; when New York fashionistas brave wintery weather; wearing what can only be deemed appropriate for this one particular event — Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week— where fashion is in the forefront at Lincoln Center, the Mecca of MBFW, for the Fall/Winter 2014 season. Access to the tents is a