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Fun In The Sun: 5 Outfits You Need Now!

Summer’s finally here! It’s time to sit back, relax and have a blast with your best friends while enjoying the warm weather.

Here are some outfit ideas from Forever 21 that will allow you to have fun in the sun without breaking the bank. Forever 21 is so affordable for the college budget, making it easy and simple to get great outfits for a small budget.

We’ve put together five outfits that you need for the summer months.

U Chic Approved: Curl Keeper

With warmer months ahead of us, young women are starting to get concerned with their wardrobe, their bikini body and a multitude of other things. The thing I’m becoming worried about? My curly, frizzy hair.

Spring Has Sprung: 5 Beauty Products to Protect Your Skin

Spring has arrived and that means the sun is starting to get stronger. Before you know it, summer will be thrust upon us, and we’ll be hiding from the heat.

Even though with summer comes glorious tanned skin, we all have to remember that even though we might like the way we look with a bronzed glow, we have to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays.

Some of us might forget that even when aren’t laying on the beach, the sun is still shining and it still poses a danger to us and our skin.

Spring Has Sprung: Best Outfits for the Outdoors

Spring is here, which means it's one more month until SUMMER!

Now that it's beautiful outside every day, there are so many things to do outside, including hiking, ziplining and paddleboarding.

U Chic is here to help you with your outfits for the outdoors!

U Chic Approved: Essie’s Newest Collections

Essie has been around for nearly 40 years, and it is not a huge surprise why it is still one of the best-known nail polish brands out there. The brand is constantly putting out a new array of colors matching the trends for the season. It’s as if they will never run out of hues!


5 Chic (But Cheap) Looks for Spring on Campus

With the onset of warmer weather, comes the thrill of spring clothes. Before you bust out warm weather apparel, make sure to stock your closet with these five, inexpensive spring essentials. Trust me, they’ll become instant closet staples!

3 Chic (But Cheap) St. Patty’s Day Outfits

Saint Patrick’s Day is here! It’s a fun holiday to celebrate whether you’re Irish or not!

Whether you’re going to a parade in your hometown or a party, we have some great outfit choices for you, and each item’s under $50! In this Chic but Cheap post, we’ve created outfits that you can wear over and over again (score!), so it’s a win-win!

Spring Break Countdown: Get Your Beach Bod Ready!

The familiar trickling of sweat, heavy breathing, the clanging of weights and the satisfying drops of water all resurface back to that first time you stepped into the gym on Jan. 1 after making a promise to yourself to exercise daily.

By now you should be “beach body” ready for Spring Break, right? Well ... not exactly.

5 Chic (But Cheap) Spring Break Outfits

Mexico? Miami? Mozambique? If you’re spending Spring Break in the sun, look no further!

Here are five cute, versatile and budget-friendly Spring Break outfits you’ll want to remember to pack.

Chic (But Cheap) Winter Outfit Ideas for a Night on the Town

If you’re like me, you stare at your closet looking for outfits to put together in your head for the perfect outfit. Sometimes, you get frustrated and find that there’s nothing for you to wear. So, what do you do if your girls just invited you out to the movies? Are you going to a huge college party? Or how about a crush that just asked you out on a date? Not to worry! We’re here to help you with your fashion crisis! I’ve created three great outfit ideas on Polyvore to help.