For Students

Facebook: Killing Your Future Job Prospects One Post at a Time

New research continues to demonstrate you social media activities can be the career kiss of death.

Same Sex Colleges: Should They Go Coed?

With the recession forcing many colleges to look for alternative means to increase revenue, the days of all-girl schools may soon be over and out.

Become a Glee Castmember!

Major mash-up queen? Have both GLEE album's on permanent rotation? Well, here's your chance to prove you're ready to rule McKinley High...

Are You Up For a Mighty Small Challenge?

Beautify you local community and you could win $5800!

April Showers Bring…Frizzy Hair?!?

Spring has sprung, the grass is green, and your hair is in desperate need of a frizz-free solution.

Get Cookin’ with Nintendo DSi XL!

The Nintendo DSi XL, otherwise known as the Nintendo DS with a huge screen and more features, now has a game called "America's Test Kitchen," like the TV show that teaches you how to cook-- HOW COOL IS THAT! Perhaps you can get your boyfriend or other cooking-challenged figure in your life to learn how to cook with this cool (fun!) device.

Catch U Chic Founder on NBC 10!

Is your spring break destination safe? U Chic founder Christie Garton is hitting NBC Philly to discuss!

Plan a Date Recycling Party!

If you're stumbling to find a date to your next sorority function, your next date could be closer than you thought. If you host a Date Recycling Party, you could potentially find a date without having to put in too much effort.

“Jersey Shore” Castmembers to Pen New Book

Need words of advice on how to live the guido life? It's the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore to the rescue!

Gossip Girl Recap: The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

Jenny wants to trade in her V-card, while Chuck deals with a business scandal that could find him out of a job.