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Picking Classes: Tips On Creating Your Best Schedule

Ready to make next semester the best one yet? If you can believe it, it's getting close for you to have to pick your classes for this fall. Learn from Blogger Tracey Rector who can give you advice on picking your classes.

Six Tips for Surviving as a Commuter Student

While moving hours from home into a dorm room for a semester with someone you have never met is exciting for many, it’s not for everyone—and it’s totally okay. An untraditional campus, or a commuter campus as we’ll call it in this article, has plenty of advantages and gives just as a fulfilling and educational experience.

Google Launches Mapping Tool for Mid-Term Elections

Google's making it easier for you to cast your vote today.

New “Sweet Valley High” Book Carries “R” Rating

Sweet Valley High may have been the perfect teen world, but in a new book set ten years in the future, the drama is definitely not PG-13.

California College Offers “Twilight” Class

Now you can earn an "A" the Twilight way!

The Top Beauty How-To Videos

Want to know how to get those crazy Lady Gaga eyes? How to achieve that perfect smoky eye for night? All the make-up tips you could ever want are just waiting for you... on Youtube.

Trend Report: Lace-Up Wedges

Do your feet need a little extra added "oomph?" Slip on a lace up wedge and watch the sparks fly...

Our Favorite Summer Beauty Fix-its

Itchy big bites? Nasty sunburn? Find out how to protect your skin with our list of must-have summer beauty fix-its!

Trend Report: Skinny Cigarette Jeans

The new skinny jean takes "slimming silhouette" to a whole new level...

School Spirit with Style: Victoria Secret’s Collegiate Collection

You may not be thinking about school much these days, but you probably are thinking about shopping. With Victoria’s Secret newly expanded Collegiate Collection, you can do both.