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Dorm Decorating: Five Must-Have Items

Looking for some decorating inspiration for your dorm room? You can keep it cheap and chic if you follow these basic design guidelines.

1. Think Fun and Functional

Ever have that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you wake up and realize you’re late for class or missed a test? The ThinkGeek flying alarm clock ($24.99) propels a helicopter-like flying object into the air when it’s supposed to go off and will not stop beeping until it’s placed back into the clock. Though it may annoy your roommate, it will definitely wake you up for class on time and add to the funkiness of your overall décor.

2. Opt for Cool Wall Art

Since you will have tons of blank space to decorate on your walls, it’s important to not go crazy and spend lot of money. Less is more - especially if you’re creative, Urban Outfitters has a fun DIY screenprinting set so you can create your own art to your walls for $64. If you’re not very artsy, try to invest in two or three interesting posters or album covers for themselves. has a large variety of cheap photography and wall art to choose from.

3. Score Some Statement Furniture

Since your space is limited, try to pick out accents for furniture pieces that pop (bright-colored pillows, funky accent rugs, and dual-purpose furniture pieces are your best bet). This chair from Target for $99.99 will not only serve as a sturdy desk chair, but will help you study in style.

4. Don’t Forget the Tech Details

To make your room everyone’s favorite, you’ll need to be able to carry a tune (literally). These portable speakers from Bed Bath & Beyond allow you to do just that. From entertaining guests in your dorm room to tanning on the quad, these speakers for $9.99 protect your MP3 player and let you rock out at the same time.

5. Stick With Cheap Space Savers

Odds are, the amount of space you have to store clothes in is limited, so investing in something to store them in is a good idea. You can keep your dirty clothes in check with this set of four plastic bins from Wal-Mart for $39.88. You can even stack the drawers (stacking up makes a room look bigger and creates more space) or hide them underneath your bed. Each bin works like a drawer and saves space and time in a cinch. For an added touch, you can decorate the bins with paint pens or spray paint with plastic-friendly products.

Modest Mouse – New EP comes out Tuesday

Modest Mouse, Seattle’s indie rock band will be releasing a new eight-song EP this coming Tuesday. The EP, titled “No One’s First, and You’re Next” will come out on August 4th 2009 and will be the band’s first new music release since 2007’s “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.” Their new tour kicks off on August 17th and they have added some new dates. Find out what songs to look forward to on the new EP and the band's tour...