State of the Girl: Challenges (and Solutions) Facing Today’s Young Woman

Young women need as much knowledge as possible to move forward in a world that is just now engaging in an honest discussion about gender equality.

Dealing With Over-the-Top Party Pals

Perfectly straightened hair? Check. Cute, new outfit? Check. Your best friend completely plastered before you even head out the door? Uh-oh. You’ve heard it all. “College is the time to try everything,” and “Hey, you only live once!” While college is obviously known as a time for experimenting, there is still work to be done

Sorority 101: Dealing with Bid Rejection

By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t end up in my sorority of choice. On my bid day, I was beyond devastated. I looked around at a room full of girls that I thought I had absolutely nothing in common with, and wondered why I wasn’t good

Sorority 101: Decoding Your Rush Lingo

  By Lexie Tiongson, San Francisco State University Preparing to go through rush this fall? Well, there might be a few things you need to learn about how people in the Greek life talk before you jump into the process. Check out this “Sorority Lingo” manual to get inside scoop! Sorority: In technical terms, soror

Sorority 101: The Truth About Frat Boys

By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University Once upon a time, we all dreamed of the moment we’d escape the immaturity lurking in our high school hallways and lunch room cafeterias. Forget all those crushes we harbored and the many times our hearts were broken by jerky boys who just didn’t get it. We were excited

What to Do When Your Roommate is Driving You Nuts

So your roommate is driving you crazy? We’ve all had those days (or weeks) where you absolutely cannot stand your roommate for some reason: Maybe she left her dirty dishes unattended for far too long, maybe she plays her music too loudly or maybe her boyfriend has overstayed his welcome.

Whether this is the first time an issue has come up or the millionth time, here are some tips for dealing with a roommate who has gone too far.

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Image

By Marissa Kameno, graduate student at Quinnipiac University These days, your Google search results page could mean as much (if not more) than your resume. Employers have access to a plethora of social media accounts and online profiles — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the list goes on. And the sad truth is that at each

Dating in the 21st Century

By Rachael Smith, Student at Radford University It’s no secret that things have changed since the 1950s. That is just the way of life — trends evolve and people evolve with them. However, those of us who commonly daydream catch ourselves wondering how life may have been different for us if we had lived in

Advice from an Expert at Staying Safe on Campus

By Jill Ravae Scherr, Student at Academy of Art University College is a wonderful time in your life to celebrate your independence and enjoy your first taste of freedom. With those endeavors, though, comes a huge responsibility to protect yourself and your safety when being exposed to a new environment and complete strangers. I had

What to Do If Your Roomie is Hooking Up Too Much

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College It’s extremely awkward and difficult to be in a situation like this. Your roomie’s hooking up and you’re left all alone and stuck in awkward limbo. Do you interrupt them? Do you wait outside the door? What do you do? Don’t worry, at some point or another, we’ve