5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

With the semester ending and the holidays quickly approaching, we can all easily get overwhelmed. In fact, it is completely normal to get wrapped up in your own life. However, it can be hard to unwind. So take a deep breath because here are my 5 ways to simplify your life!     Clean it out Who says

8 Ways to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is important during college. It’s important to take the time at least once a week to de-stress. At the end of the day, taking time for yourself will make you more productive. Overall it will improve your time at school.  If you find yourself stressed out try of a few of these techniques.

The Benefits of Tea

The English have a long-standing tradition of tea and our country itself is rooted in it. Boston Tea Party, anyone? Beyond the wisdom and peace it offers, tea is a healthy option with a variety of flavors and benefits to choose from. Green tea is a health benefit superstar, offering multiple antioxidants to keep you

Fun With Friends: How to Host the Perfect Movie Night

    Whether you’re busy with school or your internship and need some relaxation, time away from your boyfriend or job, or just simply miss your girlfriends; hosting a movie night is the perfect option. This is a chance to enjoy the company of your friends before the semester starts kicking in. The most beneficial

Peace of Mind: Meditation Tips to Motivate Wellness

As the semester picks up and activities begin, stress levels rise. It’s easy to let the thoughts in your head overwhelm you, but the best way to keep the momentum going is to get into a routine and take care of yourself. Meditation is a way to escape from college life, homework assignments, and the

Dorm Room Ready Exercises

Wondering how you can avoid the Freshman 15 without having to hit the gym every day. Angeles Burke has some tips and tricks you can use to stay in great shape without having to leave the comfort of your dorm room!  Check out her list of great ideas! College Dorm Dips Using your desk or

Market to Table: Your Summer Guide

  One of my favorite summer memories is waking up early on Saturday mornings to get to the farmers market with my mom. We each had our own baskets, which we filled with melons, peaches, herbs, flowers, corn and other fresh produce. And as a reward for waking up early, I would always get a

Digital Detox: Tips to Unplug

There comes a time when we all become overwhelmed with life, school, work and even technology. Although one of the more helpful advances we have today, technology can also be the source of stress or escalate stressful situations. The key to alleviating this all is finding a way to digitally detoxify yourself. It’s definitely difficult

Easy Summer Meals for Girls on the Go

Summer is kicking off, and many of us are looking for quick and healthy snacks to eat throughout the busy summer days. Whether you are looking for a lunch to take to work or a snack to bring to the beach, you’ll want something that is both easy to make and won’t cost you too

5 Best Beginner Yoga Poses

Yoga is a form of exercise that concentrates on flexibility and strength. With that being said, it’s not as easy as it looks. There are many types and levels of yoga, and it’s easy to get confused amongst all of the different types! However, it’s best to start with the basics. We have 5 basic