Health Report: Could Your Cosmetics be Killing You?

Could the ingredients in your make-up be toxic? You may want to read on to discover if your make-up may actually be hurting you. 

Ramen Noodles: A health risk?

Ramen noodles - the loves of every college student's life. Apparently, though, there's a greater risk than just feeling gross after eating our all time favorite snack. A recent article on MainStreet, by Althea Chang reveals the findings of a recent study showing that ramen noodle consumption may lead to chronic illness.

Wii Fit — Which Games Are Worth the Workout?

Ready to burn some calories and have some fun at the same time? Take a break and check out our battle of the excercise video games!

Store Makeup Testers Are Totally Poopy

Love Sephora? Live at Ulta? You might want reconsider test-driving your favorite mositurizer or lip tint...

The Last Word: Health Care, What’s it mean for you?

With the Health care legislation being voted in in the House, then pushed back to the Senate and now being pushed back to the House--rather like a hot potato--the news can get muddled with opinion and, quite frankly, lies. We are going to be the ones MOST affected by this bill and I think it's high time WE understand it.

The Secret STD You Could Be At Risk For

A a growing number of young women are discovering that third base can equal more than just a fun Friday night hook-up.

Spring Break: Worst Case Scenario

Find out how to get yourself out of jam BEFORE you get into trouble.

Spring Break: Come Back With a Tan, Not a Criminal Record

Viva Mexico! Or not. It’s actually quite a dangerous place to be, despite the vast number of students from American Universities traveling there for Spring Break every year. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of State, the decisions you make on Spring Break could be a lot more influential then whether or not to put on a higher grade of sunscreen.

The Last Word: Is Wheat Your Enemy?

Being as health conscious (or obsessed) as I am, I've always tried to eat low-fat and whole grain based foods. As of this weekend, I found out that I've basically been poisoning myself for...awhile. I'm a celiac, or at least have a gluten-intolerance. Read on to see if maybe, just maybe, wheat is your enemy too.

The Last Word: The Key to Dieting AND Having a Good Time!

For this week's Column I decided to choose a subject that's near and dear to my heart–Dieting. In honor of heart disease awareness month, the fact that spring break is a few short weeks away, that summer's quickly approaching and the general desire to be a knock-out, I went searching for a new diet book and instead found a new lifestyle: UrbanSkinny.