Get Empowered: Winterize Your Skin

Don’t let the cold, dry weather take its toll on your skin.

Get Empowered: Slow Down, Superwoman

My mom used to tell me that during job interviews, when asked her what her worst quality was, she’d answer that she was a perfectionist. It makes sense: Perfectionism can be viewed as a very positive thing by employers, who want their employees to make as few mistakes as possible. But for the person who

Health Nut: Are You a Perfectionist?

“Leave work on time. Don’t arrive early. Take all the breaks allowed. Leave the desk a mess. Allow yourself a set number of tries to finish a job; then turn in what you have.” If these tasks seem ridiculous, irresponsible and unthinkable to you, you may be a perfectionist. While reading this New York Times

Get Empowered: Contact Wearers Beware!

Throughout my college career, I have become fairly accustomed to sleeping on couches. Random couches, usually (although more than once I've opened my eyes only to find myself haphazardly passed out on my own peach-pink couch, wondering how in the hell I got home the night before). However, no matter which couch I snuggle up

Health Nut: Crazy about Special K

In my kitchen, I have two types of cereal. The first is Special K with strawberries. One cup, plus milk, has just 150 calories, with none of those from fat. I have eaten this cereal for most mornings for the past year. Now, Kellogg’s has added a new flavor to test my taste buds, chocolatey

Get Empowered: World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day may be on December 1st, but don’t wait! Get involved now.

Health Nut: Safe Holiday Driving

As I drove 10 hours (instead of the predicted seven) to my cousins’ house in New Jersey last night, I finally figured out what my blog would be about today–safe holiday driving. Because being alive is a big part of being healthy. has many excellent tips for safe driving. Here are a few that

Health Nut: Moisturize Your Skin in the Winter

My roommate and I may turn into cucumbers. We are obsessed with the Dove Cool Moisture line, which has a cucumber and green tea scent, because it refreshes us and protects our skin from the harsh, winter weather. We both have the shampoo and conditioner, I have the body wash and she has the foaming

Get Empowered: Educate Yourself About the Risks of Tanning

To tan or not to tan? Learn about the dangers of the dark side.

Pro-Anorexia Sites: Wasting Away on the Web

"It became one of my goals in life to research pro-anorexia groups and find out what these girls are going through. Were they all anorexics? Or were they just trying to “fit in” to this mold?"