Health Nut: The Silent World of Abortions

Abortion. This word holds more power, and causes more controversy, than most other words in the English language. The New York Times recently interviewed one doctor who performs abortions, Dr. Susan Wicklund. Wicklund hopes that her services give women control of their own lives. The number of abortion doctors has vastly decreased the last few

OMG of the Day: Facebook Page Celebrates Public Drunkenness

Do you take pride in getting wasted? You know, the kind of drunkenness that leads to passing out in public, vomiting into bushes, or ending up getting taken to the hospital?

Get Empowered: Protect Your Health During Flu Season

Don’t let the change of seasons change your health.

Why Does the Media Still Glamorize Smoking?

"I see this ad for Camel cigarettes in a dozen different magazines, all alluding to the sexiness and femininity of women. I admit, it does look pretty cute. Almost a perfect accessory in your bag. But what kind of signals are these sending out to us?

Health Nut: Eat More Oranges!

As the winter season approaches, vitamin C is considered, by many, an essential part of your diet to keep you healthy. While the RDA says that a person should eat at least 50 mg/day of vitamin C, many researchers say that for optimum health, one should ingest 200 mg/day. The 200 mg is five daily

UChic Recommends: A Software That Can Help You Sleep Better?

"At this point in the school year, school and work and all my other activities combined are beginning to take their toll. I can’t get enough sleep, and yet I can’t afford to get too much…sound familiar? For the many of us that are in the same boat, Pzizz is a new software that claims it can help with our erratic sleep cycles. Pzizz claims it can treat sleep problems and make your life better."

Health Nut: Doctors Losing Sleep Over Sleeping Pills

Is falling asleep 10 minutes faster and sleeping 32 minutes longer worth the $3.50 per sleeping pill? Patients may think so. While the actual added sleep is 42 minutes, patients’ perceived increase in sleep time was up to 52 minutes, with certain sleep medications. A New York Times article discussed the controversy on sleep pills’

Health Nut: Sit Up Straight!

Midterms are in full swing at my university, and as I look around the library, I can sense the back pain that many students will fall victim to soon. My roommate’s back is so contorted from her 20-page research paper that she can’t bend her chin to her chest. Here are some tips from the

Health Nut: Protecting Our Heads

I was going up for a header in my soccer game against a taller girl during a high school game. I jumped, hit the ball, and fell to the ground. After a couple of seconds I got up, only to see my team running to the center circle. I asked, “What happened?” Turns out, the

Health Nut: Cleaning Out Your System

It’s a blessing and a curse that I’ve been having all of these health issues lately. The up side is that it gives me something to write about each week.

Today I’m discussing an alternative way of removing built-up wastes from your body. I’m talking years of all types of crap. We all know what laxatives are or have at least seen them in on the shelves of your local health food store. I’ve recently been informed on an ancient all-natural way of cleansing that the Egyptians came up with centuries ago called a colonic.

From what I’m told, it’s a tube slipped into your anus-–it’s allegedly painless--that fills your colon up with water that in turn pushes all of the water removing all of the built-up waste. All sicknesses start within the colon and instead of using chemicals and prescribed drugs to rid you of these, try a colonic.

I’m getting one very soon so I will fill you in on all of the step by step details on what exactly happens. If you want to read up on it now, here’s a link: