Stressful Eating Can Last a Lifetime

Do you turn to certain foods to help you through stressful situations? If so, you are not alone, but you’re definitely hanging with the wrong crowd. Read on to see how you can develop new coping skills before the normal stresses of everyday life rob you of your health and pack on excess pounds.

Spring Break: How to Stay Safe But Still Have a Good Time

Stay safe this spring break by making smart decisions on where you travel and who you hang out with. What else should you do? Read on and find out!

Real Talk Monday: Raising Prices of Birth Control

Syracuse's student newspaper, The Daily Orange, has a pretty upsetting story in it about the recent decision to raise costs of birth control pills in college health centers. This is leaving a lot of women stressed out, since it's a very basic need for them. I mean, we're not exactly millionaires at this point in our lives.

Health officials are worried that these women will result to using less costly - and less effective - forms of birth control. And we all know what that leads to.

Check out the story...Article

Hot Topic Thursday: Is Your Makeup Safe?

For those of you who can't imagine going a day without makeup, be aware: there is no federal regulation to ensure that the chemicals in lipsticks, blush, mascara and other products are safe for public use.

Start The Week Off Smart… With A Tango.

 The concept of prescribing exercise has been around for years, and while science has yet to appraise such an idea... well come on, obviously exercise is good for you.

But who wants to do jumping jacks, push ups, crunches, and sit ups ALL the time? To be quite frank, it gets boring.

So why not tango your way into a healthy lifestyle this week.

Interested in learning some more? Check out this snazzy article about how dancing is being prescribed to patients.

A Tango Could Be What The Doctor Ordered .

Monday – Start The Week Off Right: Eat Healthy!

 Everyone knows that soy and fish are healthy, which is specifically why we avoid soy in the school cafeteria, and why no one ever orders the fish fillet sandwich in McDonalds. However, this news might start change your mind about these tasty and healthy food products. 

A study regarding soy and fish has deemed that they have qualities that prevent cancer. Adolescent girls and adult women who regularly consume soy products have been found to have a 25% lower chance of developing breast cancer.

An ingredient that researchers are referring to as isoflavones, which happens to be similar to certain estrogens, might be the protective agent.

Want to read more? Check out this article . Then go run and buy your soy Thanksgiving turkey. Mmmm. 

Tip Tuesdays: Freshmen 15 Becomes Freshmen 8 With Minimal Effort

 Ah, the Freshmen 15. The fear of it keeps us away from the delicious looking fried food in the cafeteria. The mozzarella sticks. The chicken fingers. The onion rings.

But what if you can have your cake... or in this case, curly fries, and eat it too?

According to a fabulous study, the freshmen 15 has shed some weight, and statistics are now seeing it as a freshmen 8. Students are taking control, and so can you!

While most of these tips seem obvious, take the time to ask yourself if you really do any of them. Exercise more. Eat less midnight snacks. And beware of the alcohol induced hunger, try to nibble on something before you head to that frat party.

Want to read more? Check out the awesome article on USA Today.

Under the Knife: College Women and Plastic Surgery

More and more young women are turning to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to enhance or alter their physical appearance. April Hail goes undercover to investigate how easy it has become to go under the knife.

The Top 25 Fittest Schools in the Country!


 According to Men's Fitness Magazine (so maybe we don't agree with this) the top three fittest colleges in America are as follows. Schools were evaluated on their general requirements for physical fitness among other things.

1. Dickinson College (Pa.)

2. Colgate University (N.Y.)

3. Boston College

Some of the other considered factors included answers to surveys about how often students work out and also the availability of fast food in the area. So pretty much if you go to school in a big city, the chances of your college making the list are slim. Or maybe slim isn't the right word, maybe I should say, fat chance. They ranked the top 25. Click here to see the list.

Women's Health

Once you leave home for college, it becomes harder to manage your health. With all the demands on your time from classes, extracurricular activities, and your social life, who can be bothered to manage eating habits, exercise, stay informed about women's health issues in politics, and educated about STDs? Luckily for you, this week I have searched through the masses of women's health blogs and websites and found the best and most relevant ones here they are! Women's Health If you feel pressured by the threat of the freshman fifteen, or just want to drop a few pounds after years of gorging on dining hall food, you may be thinking that it's time for a diet. To get the skinny on dieting facts and myths, check out DIET BLOG, which confronts conventional wisdom on dieting (a recent entry is entitled, "Fat-burning Ability of Muscle: Exaggerated?) and has a whole section called Diet Reviews, which covers all the diets you've heard of and many that you haven't. Find one that's right for you! For information on sexual health, two great websites are there for your information. SCARLETEEN is an eye-catching and informative website that covers everything from STDs to sexual politics get to know your body, learn to love it, and keep it healthy. The Scarleteen blog follows the latest developments in birth control politics and other important women's issues. STD FOR DUMMIES is a database of STD information. Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about all the most common STDs what's treatable and how, what are the symptoms, and how can you protect yourself? If you're concerned about reproductive rights an issue important to all women regardless of their politics, check out the blog at BUSH V. CHOICE. Don't expect both sides of the issue of abortion rights at this blog. Rather, stay completely informed about all the political developments in the sphere of reproductive rights. This blog should be a great resource in the upcoming confirmation hearings for John Roberts from the perspective of women who want to ensure the protection of Roe v. Wade. For a more organic approach to health, check out the SUSTAINABLE TABLE BLOG, which discusses all the advantages of organic eating. It links to fascinating studies about the food we put into our bodies, and provides advice if you want a more "sustainable" lifestyle. If you know of any other great women's health blogs, let all users know by telling us about them in a comment on this post! Submitted by Ryder Kessler, an undergraduate student at Harvard and Editor-at-Large of