Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

College offers an atmosphere for growth both academically and emotionally.

Regardless of the number of boy toys or boyfriends you had before college, it is always important to ensure the relationship is healthy and safe for both involved. Healthy relationships are happier and definitely more enjoyable. So, what is a healthy relationship?

5 Healthy Summer Recipes for the Girl on the Go

Summer is kicking off, and many of us are looking for quick and healthy snacks to eat throughout the busy summer days. Whether you are looking for a lunch to take to work or a snack to bring to the beach, you'll want something that is both easy to make and won't cost you too many calories.

When looking for quick foods, we normally turn to foods that aren’t good for us like fast food. However, with a little preparation, it is easy to avoid junk food. Here are five healthy recipes that you can eat at home or on the go!

Summer Workouts for the College Gal

Summer is here! School no longer keeps you inside, so why don't you enjoy the weather while you work out? There are lots of FUN activities to keep you fit while enjoying the great outdoors, but you've got to seek them out.

I've got some ideas to help get you started. The list is diverse, so hopefully, you'll find something that appeals to you!

U Chic Approved: Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Meals

Amy's Kitchen is an organic frozen foods company that I pledge allegiance to. The choices are ALL vegetarian and predominantly nut-free. Gluten-free and vegan choices are among the healthy selections.

The Media Maven: Talking About Body Image

Alongside celebrities like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis, Melissa McCarthy is known to be one of the most-liked women in showbiz because of her "no-shame" acting method, the ability to make an audience laugh and how comfortable she is in her skin.

In McCarthy’s newest film, "The Heat," she co-stars with the talented (and may I even say tiny) Sandra Bullock. A theatrical poster for the film with McCarthy’s face dramatically slimmed down was released in the U.K. recently, sparking some controversy.

Continuing Your Fitness Goals Over the Summer

Now that school is over and you've headed back home, you've got some free time to really focus on those fitness goals.

However, now that you're home, you don't have free access to the school gym facilities. Well, don't let that deter you from your goals! There are a couple of ways around that poor excuse.

Check out my guide to continuing your fitness goals over the summer!

The Dangers of Day Drinking

When the weather starts to get nice, college students everywhere have an alarm that starts to go off in their heads. Nice weather = FUN and FUN = day drinking.

You might think that having a few margaritas while sitting in the backyard or having a few beers on the beach might be fine, but there is more than meets the eye. Day drinking can be fine if done in moderation, but sometimes people go overboard, and there are some serious dangers involved in sipping alcohol in the sunshine.

Sunburn Solutions From Experts

Summer is here! You’re home for the summer from college and catching up with high school friends, going to barbecues and hanging out at the pool/beach.

With the summer sun’s UV rays beating down on you, it’s easy to forget to reapply sunscreen, which leads to intense and painful sunburns. I found a great set of rules to stick to when it comes to dealing with sunburn from written by expert doctors. Here are a few tips from their list!

Fitness Tip: Get Your Gym Bag Ready

Not everyone is lucky enough to have gym equipment in their dorm room or to live in a building with a gym.

For the rest of us who make that extra effort to travel to the gym, sometimes that extra effort is a little discouraging. Why would you want to lug yourself to the gym when you can relax on the couch?

A great way to get yourself to the gym is to keep a gym bag packed and ready to go by the door.

Fun in the Sun: 5 Healthy Summer Recipes

Summer is one of my favorite seasons because of all the yummy produce that grows in Wisconsin. I can visit a local farmers market on Saturdays to stock up on tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and so much more!

On the topic of delicious summer recipes, listed below are five of my favorite summer eats!