U Chic Approved: Workout Essentials

The summer air is coming and working out can be a pain, but I have a few products that I always love to use when I am working out. These products make working out fun and healthy, and I always use these things when I exercise!

U Chic Approved: Inner Balance

We all know that college takes us to a new stress level. So, how do you relieve that stress? The answer is simple: the new Inner Balance app from HeartMath.

Making Time to Work Out in College

Fitness is on everyone's mind. Some people want to win a marathon, some people want to run a mile and some people just want to make it up the stairs. Regardless of what you want, it's important to get motivated and stay that way.

Getting to the gym can be a bigger task than the actual workout, with the biggest excuse for skipping the gym being that you don't have time. Well, here are a few simple tips for making sure you get to working out before your busy schedule finds something else for you to do.

5 Tips to Keeping Your Mind Active Over the Summer

It might be tempting to spend the next few weeks sleeping late, watching movies and staying in pajamas for days at a time, but that will make getting back into the swing of things in late August that much harder!

When you let your mind relax for too long, no matter how good it feels at first, you’ll find that the feelings of laziness and boredom will start to take over. Here are five ways to keep your mind active and fresh over the summer!

The Media Maven: Start Biking Now!

Summer is finally here! I’m sure many of us have made a list of all the things we want to do this summer and what kind of person we want to become because, let’s get real, anything is possible during the summer.

Many of the things on our list never get done because we are lazy college students or recent graduates (congrats!), but there is one thing we should all try to start doing more: biking instead of driving.

5 Tips to Having an Awesome Cinco de Mayo

It’s May, which means that you’re closer to ending school and getting ready for a great summer!

This Sunday is May 5, otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo marks the anniversary of the Mexican Army’s victory over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. On Cinco de Mayo, there’s tons of parties, parades and amazing food. We’ve gathered five fantastic tips to make you have a great Cinco de Mayo!

Easy Ways to Get in Shape as a College Student

College is a time of growth, both mentally and physically. Your attitudes, morals, maturity and even your body undergo change.

However, a change in your body does not necessarily mean you have fallen into the "Freshman 15" trap. Instead, your body naturally grows and develops into a young adult, hips included. During this change, your body will appreciate you if you take the time to exercise daily and eat healthy.

Spring Has Sprung: Best Recipes for a Picnic

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and we are all donning our newest and cutest rain boots. Spring has certainly sprung!

The only thing getting us through the last couple of weeks of classes are the shirtless soccer players practicing on the green and the scent of summer in the air.

To get yourself through these last final weeks of classes, unleash your adventurous spirit and go on a picnic! Grab a friend, pack a lunch and look up some great local picnic areas or go find your own.

Spring Has Sprung: 5 Beauty Products to Protect Your Skin

Spring has arrived and that means the sun is starting to get stronger. Before you know it, summer will be thrust upon us, and we’ll be hiding from the heat.

Even though with summer comes glorious tanned skin, we all have to remember that even though we might like the way we look with a bronzed glow, we have to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays.

Some of us might forget that even when aren’t laying on the beach, the sun is still shining and it still poses a danger to us and our skin.

Spring Has Sprung: Ways to Get Outside!

Bright oranges, vibrant pinks, glowing yellows ... the colors of spring are popping up everywhere. The sun stays out longer and is starting to break the long winter chill we are all tired of.

Wishing you could find some more time to soak up the sun? Here are some ideas to get you out there while staying productive.