Incorporating Religion Into Your College Experience

From my experience as a college student, certain barriers can create conflict in keeping religion as a part of the college equation. These barriers include: negative influences from peers, the “I don’t have time for that, I’m too busy” excuse and “Thirsty Thursdays.”

The role of religion in the lives of college students on some campuses has become a thing of the past. However, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to make room for your religion. Here are the different ways I incorporated religion into my college experience.

An App to Help College Students With Health Advice?

Ever wonder what to do when you are not feeling well during a late night or busy week? The Urgent Care app by Great Call is an amazing new health care app.

The app, available for Android and iPhone, offers users access to communicate with a health care provider at all times, so there's no more using the excuse that you are too busy to keep your health in check!

U Chic Approved: College Workout Essentials

I’m a fitness junkie! I'll admit it! I love finding out the newest fitness workouts, healthy diets and workout gear.

The Media Maven: Steps to Prevent Rape

Sexual assault is definitely not one of the most fun topics to chat about at girl’s night, but it is indeed one of the most important. Now, more than ever, as college students and 20-somethings, young ladies need to know what possible steps they can take to divert a rape.

CNN recently aired a story about “last resort” steps to prevent a rape. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs released 10 tips to avoid rape. Among the tips were ones like, vomiting, urinating, telling your attacker you are menstruating or have a disease.

Spring Break Tech Safety

With Spring Break right around the corner, most of us are planning and longing for those glorious days off. Sunshine, road trips, beaches, friends, no homework and lazy days are on our minds.

You are probably already making your Spring Break to-do and to-pack lists, hoping it will arrive quickly. But when making your lists, don’t forget to make sure all your tech products are going to be protected during your trip.

Does Meditation Really Help With College Stress?

Amid the chaos of our crazy day-to-day lives, it is very important to remember to schedule "me time." Meditating is a great way to clear your mind, relax your body and reconnect with yourself.

According to, "Meditation is based on the premise that the natural state of the mind is calm and clear. It provides a way to train our mind to settle into this state."

Spring Break Countdown: Get Your Beach Bod Ready!

The familiar trickling of sweat, heavy breathing, the clanging of weights and the satisfying drops of water all resurface back to that first time you stepped into the gym on Jan. 1 after making a promise to yourself to exercise daily.

By now you should be “beach body” ready for Spring Break, right? Well ... not exactly.

UChic Approved: Organix

Let’s talk hair. Do you wish your college budget allowed more spending room for all of your favorite products?

The hardest part about making and budgeting my own money was learning that I really didn’t NEED all of the things I thought I did, and I had to start living without some of my beloved beauty supplies.

The Media Maven: Birth Control in Vending Machines?

Back when I was in high school, it was a big deal when the school administration took out all of the Vault sodas from our vending machines and replaced them with “healthier options.” That was the talk of the town.

Now, a bigger controversy has placed itself upon slot E6 ... birth control.

Although I think it's a weird place to put birth control in the first place, I guess since there is a vending machine is just about every dorm and hall at college, kids can now obviously and openly get their pills without being sneaky in CVS.

5 Healthy & Easy Recipes to Have in Your Dorm Cooking Arsenal

Spring semester is upon us. We are far enough into the semester that the starting point is no longer visible, yet the end is nowhere in sight.

The resolutions we made in January are getting more difficult to keep due to stress brought on by overwhelming amounts of coursework, meetings, rush events, sports practices and a social life. With this in mind, it is the perfect time to ensure you have five healthy dorm room recipes in your arsenal.

You will be thankful for these quick, healthy and delicious dorm room recipes on your busiest days!