U Chic Approved: Nivea Creme

Nivea is not new in the skin care scene. For years, it’s been trusted for lip, body and bath products.

New Year, New Chic: Easy Lifestyle Changes

Let’s face it, keeping New Year’s resolutions can be a bit of a challenge. Whether your goal is to lose a few extra pounds, make better grades or something as simple as just exercising more, it is easy to get caught up in the chaos of everyday life and let those resolutions fall to the wayside.

Instead of focusing on diet plans, exercise routines and just improving your grades, why not focus on a lifestyle change that will help you accomplish all of the above and help you in the future?

New Year, New Chic: New Recipes to Try

With the start of 2013, we’re all trying to find foods and meals that fit our new resolutions to be healthier, but that also fit our needs as busy college students.

This can sometimes be a challenge, especially emotionally. It can be very hard to convince yourself to go home and cook something when you’re starving and there’s a burger joint or sub shop calling your name.

New Year, New Chic: Start a Yoga Practice!

Do you prefer the word "intention" to the word "resolution?" Is one of those "intentions" to breathe more and stress less, to gain flexibility of mind and body, to incorporate more balance into your life or to have a daily practice that can act as a barometer of how you're doing and coping with the daily pressures of being a college student? Did anyone get you a yoga mat or uber chic leggings for the holidays?

Don’t Be Stupid … Don’t Drink and Drive

I’m sure you have been hearing those classic commercials over and over again warning people to not drink and drive. It’s almost like a broken record hearing the same message over and over again.

However, I don’t think some of us even realize how many people do get hurt and killed because of one person’s stupidity. I think for most of us, when we hear that someone has been injured or killed because of drunken driving, our instincts tell us to feel sad and we think for a moment or two about the surviving families and then go on with our routine.

New Year, New Chic: Setting Reasonable Resolutions

At the beginning of the year it is hard to find resolutions that not only hold you accountable but are also achievable.

However, making achievable resolutions is the best step toward meeting those resolutions. If you make unattainable goals, you will often get stressed out because you couldn't reach the goal you wanted.

Must-Haves to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Decorations are coming down, stores are selling out of last year's clothing and your friends are filling your Facebook feed with resolutions. The new year is officially here, and like myself and many other chicsters, you are most likely setting a few goals of your own.

Do your resolutions revolve around fitness? If so, check out these must-have items that are sure to keep you motivated!

New Year, New Chic: Getting Motivated to Get to the Gym

It’s one thing to say you’re going to the gym and another to actually go to the gym. Why is it that some of us read exercise articles and pin countless workout pins to our Pinterest boards but fail to actually apply them?

I’m here to tell you that 2013 is your year to stop making excuses and to start living a healthy and active lifestyle.

New Year, New Chic: Trying to Eat Healthier

The start of a new year always sparks thoughts of resolutions, better decisions and thoughts of a more healthy you. The start of a new year is also a difficult time to start thinking about becoming more active and getting healthier because a lot of us spent November and December in various stages of holiday food comas.

In all reality, though, right now is the best time to get a head start on a healthier diet for a healthier new year.

New Year, New Chic: Starting Off 2013 with a Positive Mindset

And 2013 is finally here! What better way to start it off then by feeling your best and becoming your best self?

A new year is a perfect time to start a clean slate in your life and plan all your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. Here are some tips on how to do just that!