Managing Your Money

Fund Your Purpose: Apply for the 1000 Dreams Scholarship

Hey Chicsters – College is expensive. There is no way around it. And it isn’t only about the expensive college tuition that students and parents have to worry about covering. There are expensive books to buy, awesome but unpaid internships to fund, life-changing study-board programs to find funding for, and conferences that could connect you

How College Women Can Get Their Dreams Funded: 3 Easy Steps

We all dream of our big break – that moment when you get accepted into your top college choice, you get offered that elite internship in NYC or you land a spot on the documentary crew heading to New Zealand. You’ve worked hard and pulled more than a few all-nighters to get closer to your

The Guide to Buying College Textbooks

It’s that time of year again ... time to start buying textbooks! For most of us, we’ve spent the entire summer working just to save money for our college bill and planned to use any money we thought we had leftover to buy some new clothes or dorm supplies. Unfortunately, we’ll have to be using that to buy college textbooks instead.

Here are some ideas on how to buy college textbooks without going broke -- or at the very least, doing it in the cheapest way possible.

How to Save on 9 Dorm Room Must-Haves

Living in the dorms represents a great introduction to college life. The convenience factor alone is a selling point, but the social benefits are also enormous. Some lifelong friendships are hatched within dorm walls as students bond over challenging tests, annoying busywork and other campus happenings.

Despite these perks, dorm life isn’t all sunshine and roses. It also represents the first time you’re responsible for such expenses as food, laundry, toiletries and more. To help with this reality shock, here’s a list of dorm room essentials and ways to save on each item.

What I Wish I Would’ve Known: Manage Your Money

By Amanda Cross, Student at the University of Central Arkansas When I was told to write about the one thing I wish I had known my freshman year, money was the first thing that popped into my head. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is that money doesn’t grow on

Staying Chic on the Cheap

My name is Laurel House and I’m a Relationship and Lifestyle author, expert, personal trainer and the “QuickieChick.” No, not the late night booty call kind of quickie, my “quickies” are all about making the most out of every moment — whether it’s a saddlebag-burning “quickie workout in bed,” a metabolism-boosting “bites with benefits” meal,

Money Matters: Why It’s OK to Splurge on Some College Necessities

By Tracey Rector, Alumna of IUPUI Let’s face it: It can be tough to be a college student and have to make large purchases out of your own pocket. Times are tough, and sometimes it’s just easier to buy the cheapest thing because it’s all you can afford — or so you think. For the

Money Matters: Tips & Tricks to Build Your Credit Score

By Tracey Rector, Alumna of IUPUI Building credit might seem like something to take on after graduation, but it’s not. The sooner you start building credit, the easier it will be after college to make large purchases on your own. So how do you get started? Thankfully, it’s not as scary as it sounds. All

College Budgeting: Making Smart Investments With Your Limited Bank Account

By Amanda Ferrara, Student at New York University Choosing what to splurge on when shopping for college is never easy, but how do you decide which items are worthy of breaking the bank? First, you should know that the key to choosing good investments while you are in college is to pick things that are

Guest Blog: 10 Ways to Indulge on a College Budget

Consumer Savings Expert Andrea Woroch has been featured as a media expert source on NBC’s Today Show, FOX & Friends, MSNBC, ABC News NOW and many more. To view recent interviews or find more information, visit A recent article in USA Today indicates Americans ages 18 to 24 aren’t eating at fast food restaurants