Managing Your Money

Five Tips for Your Getting Finances On Track

By Tracey Rector Money. It’s the root of all evil, right? No, not necessarily. It may be hard sometimes to manage money while in school or fresh out of college, especially if you aren’t making that much. But being in control of your finances now will pay off in the future. Here are five tips

10 Ways to Stretch Your College Budget

Consumer Savings Expert, Andrea Woroch has been featured as a media expert source on NBC’s Today Show, FOX & Friends, MSNBC, ABC News NOW and many more. To view recent interviews or find more information, visit No matter how many months you painstakingly planned your college budget, there are always surprises that throw everything

Five Ways to Save Money in College

So you’re finally on your own. No curfew, no need to bargain for the car with your little sister, no phone call home if you’re going to miss dinner. And yet, independence during your college years is bittersweet: many student still depend on their parents for financial support. While some students may receive financial aid

Three Ways to Save Money While Interning

While unpaid internships may not provide a salary, they typically provide valuable hands-on experience beneficial to one’s career. So, the question is, if one isn’t receiving an income, how does one survive an unpaid internship? Think of the spendings: travel, food, fun, etc. Here are some tips to get the full potential out of your

Dating on the Cheap: 15 Ways to Save Money and Have Fun

Whether you’ve just met the guy of your dreams or you’ve been in love with your BF for years, dating is fun and a great way to spend time with the one who makes your heart flutter. But let’s be real: we’re in college and strapped for cash. Luckily, hanging out together doesn’t have to

College Credit Cards: Do or Don’t?

With the state of the current economic climate, credit card companies have cooled down the aggressive promotion of college student credit cards to what was once a very lucrative market … you! However, when there’s a will, there’s always a way for you and credit card companies to be in business together. With this sort

Five Financial Mistakes to Avoid BEFORE You Go to College

College is supposed to prepare you for life. Yet some of the biggest life lessons are learned in college, like how you manage your money, and whether your money consciousness is “spender” or “saver.” Learning money skills is about taking action now. So do you have to become a forecasting economist or an accounting major?

Money Matters: My Own Personal Bailout

Who knew I would someday need my very own stimulus package? I guess that’s how everyone feels the first time something like this happens to them. Despite the sad facts, I guess I have held on for pretty long. Most of my friends in college have managed to overdraft their accounts several times each so far. I have spent my entire college career living on the edge and two weeks ago, finally, it got to me. I overdrew my bank account for the first time in my life.