Fulfilling #1000Dreams, $5 dollars at a time…

We easily spend five dollars a day on a latte, soda, lunch or those cute pens near the checkout at the bookstore. But the truth is that $5 can change lives. It is our mission to fund #1000dreams. Skip your latte today and help support scholarships for young women. UChic Star Brand Ambassador Gracie Schram

Money Saving Tips: 5 Fun Free Activities

There are few things college kids like better than free events. With books purchased for this semester, Starbucks budgeted for late nights at the library and fall formals coming up, there isn’t a lot of spare change being thrown around. Every college student needs money saving tips. These free activities on campus—colleges present multiple free opportunities to

10 Smart Ways to Save and Splurge for Summer

When I think of summer, I think road trips, arcades, pool parties, barbecues and trying some new funky hairstyles. I think. . . because my bank account frequently tells me I can’t do it all. It’s time to find something awesome to do without spending a fortune! Here are 10 tips to help you save and

Graduation Gifting: 5 Awesome DIY Ideas

Graduation, the time of year when 18 year-olds feel the most adult they have ever felt and college grads are excited, but wishing, too, they could go back for a moment to their earlier years. But the perfect fix for all graduation jitters: Gift giving!! Thinking back on my graduation and post graduation needs, I

The Top 5 Money Mistakes Post-Grads Make

By Emily Diekelmann Post-grad finances are the big elephant in the room that nobody talks to you about before graduation. After you receive your diploma and start your new job, all of a sudden you’re in the ocean with a life jacket but no boat, struggling to stay afloat while those big financial waves keep hitting.

Saving Up to Splurge

Every college student knows it’s tough to balance their schedule, so who has time to think about balancing a budget? With all the activities and opportunities for new experiences popping up in and around college campuses it’s hard to know when and where to save money or even how. Luckily there are ways for every

Avoiding Mindless Spending Post-Holidays

January is here, and the  he holiday season is coming to a close and this means one thing: the malls are ready and willing to suck in all the college students who are home, bored, and just got an influx of holiday cash. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of mindless spending

Après-Holiday Shopping: Tech-Savvy Ways to Save

By: Ana Berkovich, Missouri State University  The holidays are a decidedly stressful time. There’s the socializing with family and friends, all the traveling and the oft-dreaded gift buying. While it may not be a great idea to use your phone for the first two, lest you want to be the next Alec Baldwin on your

Transcending Holiday Stress

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is in a frenzy. You’re thinking of what to get your loved ones or what to bring to a family dinner and if it will burn a hole through your wallet. Now it’s time to stop stress and… Set a Shopping Budget.

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips for the College Budget

Guest Post by Andrea Woroch, Money & Savings Expert The holiday season is something of a blessing and a curse for most college students. While you can count on having nearly an entire month of freedom, you still have to figure out how to get gifts for everyone on your list within the limitations of