College Credit Cards: Do or Don’t?

With the state of the current economic climate, credit card companies have cooled down the aggressive promotion of college student credit cards to what was once a very lucrative market … you! However, when there’s a will, there’s always a way for you and credit card companies to be in business together. With this sort

Five Financial Mistakes to Avoid BEFORE You Go to College

College is supposed to prepare you for life. Yet some of the biggest life lessons are learned in college, like how you manage your money, and whether your money consciousness is “spender” or “saver.” Learning money skills is about taking action now. So do you have to become a forecasting economist or an accounting major?

Rent Your College Textbooks and Save Big!

Want to save money while you study? came save you 85% on your school books!

Money Matters: My Own Personal Bailout

Who knew I would someday need my very own stimulus package? I guess that’s how everyone feels the first time something like this happens to them. Despite the sad facts, I guess I have held on for pretty long. Most of my friends in college have managed to overdraft their accounts several times each so far. I have spent my entire college career living on the edge and two weeks ago, finally, it got to me. I overdrew my bank account for the first time in my life.

UChic Approved: Last Minute Holiday Shopping on a Budget

If you’re searching for some inexpensive but thoughtful gift ideas this holiday season, take a look at a few selections to help with your last minute shopping!

What Bargain Shopping Can Teach You About Relationships

"Bargaining. We do it all the time...even when we don’t think its happening. We all play a clever game in relationships; we bargain...or as we call it, play hard to get. Whoever said love is not a war was very wrong."

To Splurge or Not To Splurge?

"Think about all the things you buy daily: the morning latte, the fresh manicure, the lunch with your girlfriends, etc. These things add up quickly, and I guarantee...if you just abstained from the act of buying for a bit, you could save up to buy the luxury item you never thought you could have."

Tip Tuesday: Ms. Moneybags or Broker than a Joker?

That title, my dear, is completely up to you. Yes, most people are on a tight budget during their college years. However, there are ways to be responsible with the money you do have.

I'm more of a spender and one of my close friends is a saver. We make similar amounts of money but she's always got stacks while my account usually holds about $12.84. How is this possible? It's because no one taught me how careful I really need to be (when in doubt, always blame the parents lol). So now, I'm taking matters into my own hands, and you should too.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tip Tuesday: Money In the Bank

Did you know that the time you're in college is prime feasting hour for credit card companies? This precious time, when you are busy finding yourself and accomplishing goals is when you are most apt to screw up your credit.

Don't let them get the best of you. Pay close attention to your bills, pay them off asap, and avoid opening new cards until you are completely ready to handle more responsibility.

Check out this article for more tips...Bank Rate Money Management Tips

Thursday Trend Report: The New Spin on Holiday Gift-Giving

If your budget is a little low this holiday season from buying gifts for your immediate family, you’re probably not singing carols. But, there’s a group that college students often forget because we’re away from home and don’t see them as often. Your extended family, which includes everyone from grandparents to cousins, should also be on your Santa’s list this year because they’ve supported you so much over the years.

But no need to worry, a new twist on the tradition of the round-robin gift exchange will be easy on you and your family’s wallets.