Post College

Post-Grad Insight into Freshman Year

When I decided to go away for college, I immediately turned to my cousins and friends who already had experienced all these college firsts I had so many questions about. I took in everything they said but knew that I would have my own experiences, make mistakes on the way, yet learn from those mistakes

3 Tricks to to Stay on Track During a Gap Year

The term “Gap Year” refers to people (at any age) whom want to take a year off from schooling. During “Gap Year,” people can travel the world, work fulltime, or virtually do anything that they want for a ‘year.’ In the United States, some people participate in Gap Year, but it’s more prominent in European

Top 5 Summer Must-Reads

Summer is my favorite time of the year because my schedule slightly calms down and I’m able to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. It’s also a great time to unwind and enjoy a good book at the beach, park, or on a night when you just want to stay in. These are

Dealing With Dating in Your Early Twenties

Carrying out a relationship during college is no longer a fairytale romance right out of  The Notebook. With endless classes, exams and managing a new environment away from home, fitting a love life into your college schedule is the last thing on your mind. Relationships in college usually are equal parts giving and taking, but

Professional Practice: 3 Tips for Stellar Communications Skills

By high school, you’ve experienced hundreds of English lessons; from writing and reading to grammar and syntax— whether remembered or not— it’s all been covered. By the time college roles around, and especially by the time you’ve finished college, however, so much of what we’ve learned is lost. Most, if not all, colleges require Freshman

The Top 5 Money Mistakes Post-Grads Make

By Emily Diekelmann Post-grad finances are the big elephant in the room that nobody talks to you about before graduation. After you receive your diploma and start your new job, all of a sudden you’re in the ocean with a life jacket but no boat, struggling to stay afloat while those big financial waves keep hitting.

Work in a Workout: Tips for a Busy Post-Graduate

After I graduated from Manhattan College in 2012, I found that the best way to handle all the changes that come after graduation, was to focus on my health and fitness. As I cheerleader, I have always been active, but now that I was no longer part of a team and back home and not

Follow Friday: What We Read and Shared This Week

Chicsters! Finally, it’s Friday. Sit back, relax and take a quick break to check out must-read and Twitter highlights that we shared this week. LYD Stars: Larcy: “Instead of being fearful of change, however, she was fearless; leaving a prestigious advertising position at the iconic The New York Times to pursue her dreams of

Wise Words for Freshman: Stay True to Yourself

Almost four years ago, I walked into my college dorm with the immense need to “find” myself. Now, more than ever, I’ve realized that college isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about learning and understanding what it means to be comfortable in your own shoes. Whether it is asking for help, lending a hand, doing well in or epically failing your classes, making mistakes or making friends, college is really about solidifying who you are and what you believe in.

Dating Dilemma: The Do’s and Dont’s of Office Romances

When you’re fresh out of college, it’s easy to get consumed with your job. And since you’re at work all the time, it’s easy to develop a crush on that cutie in the cubicle next door. But when the eye candy turns into a possible significant other, what’s the protocol? And how do you deal?