U Chic Approved: Sorority Girl Wine Glass

What do you get the girl who has everything? Designs by Lolita has the perfect solution to this dilemma.

U Chic Approved: MirrorCase for iPhone

There is a new, innovative way to take pictures from your iPhone, and it’s called the MirrorCase.

U Chic Approved: College Workout Essentials

I’m a fitness junkie! I'll admit it! I love finding out the newest fitness workouts, healthy diets and workout gear.

U Chic Approved: Nature Box

Nature Box is a company that sends you healthy, all-natural foods to your doorstep monthly for only $19.95 a month and shipping is free!

5 Apps College Students Need to Download

It’s always unfortunate that as the weather gets warmer, our backpacks do not get lighter. Spring is so close you can almost taste it, but that does not mean professors will be easing up for the end of the term.

Time to attempt to avoid spring fever! Rather than getting caught texting during class (and receiving the all-knowing "I’m Disappointed in You" scowl), download some applications to your smartphone to help you get through the end of the semester.

Facebook Graph Search: Awesome or Creepy for College Students?

Facebook has been rolling out a new update that will give users expanded search capabilities above specific pages and friends. With Graph Search, users can filter all of Facebook’s content by location, interest, demographic information and other factors to gain infinitely more knowledge through search.

UChic Approved: Organix

Let’s talk hair. Do you wish your college budget allowed more spending room for all of your favorite products?

The hardest part about making and budgeting my own money was learning that I really didn’t NEED all of the things I thought I did, and I had to start living without some of my beloved beauty supplies.

10 Tunes You Need for the Perfect Spring Break Playlist

Spring has almost sprung and that means Spring Break is almost here! Whether you’re hanging out with friends at home, going to the beach or chilling at your local pool, U Chic has the perfect music playlist for you and your friends to jam out to.

I’ve created a 10-song playlist for you rock out to this Spring Break!

U Chic Approved: Vistaprint

When I became correspondence chair of my sorority this semester, I knew that I’d be using thank you note cards like nobody’s business.

I wanted super cute cards that were customized to my chapter, so that’s where Vistaprint came into play.

Inside mtvU’s ‘The Backstory’ on Human Trafficking

When it comes to the lives of others, we often make premature judgments. We can’t see their backstory, so we don’t know the whole story.

MtvU recently worked with a bunch of college students to produce a wonderful interactive experience on "The Backstory" on human trafficking.