U Chic Approved: Birchbox

Living on a college student’s budget is not one of the easier things to do in life. Between your everyday needs and the temptation of burning your new credit card into the ground with online shopping, every day is a battle.

Chic (But Cheap) Winter Outfit Ideas for a Night on the Town

If you’re like me, you stare at your closet looking for outfits to put together in your head for the perfect outfit. Sometimes, you get frustrated and find that there’s nothing for you to wear. So, what do you do if your girls just invited you out to the movies? Are you going to a huge college party? Or how about a crush that just asked you out on a date? Not to worry! We’re here to help you with your fashion crisis! I’ve created three great outfit ideas on Polyvore to help.

U Chic Approved: Nivea Creme

Nivea is not new in the skin care scene. For years, it’s been trusted for lip, body and bath products.

Apps to Help College Students With Organization

Ever since smartphones and tablets started becoming popular among college students, app developers set out to create both useful and entertaining apps suited for students. Below are some of the best apps I’ve found that go above and beyond the basic apps we are all used to.

Tech Talk: A Solution for Tangled iPhone/iPad Cords?

Many of us already think Apple products make the world a better place, but wouldn't it be even better if the cables didn't get tangled up and were a little more colorful?

I recently received some CableKeeps to review and realized that they are a fun way to "dress up" your iPad or iPhone charger and keep them from getting tangled up on the go when you have to throw them in your purse/bag.

U Chic Approved: HBO’s ‘Girls’

My current TV obsession is HBO’s award winning series "Girls." I watched the first series in a span of about two days (with only 10 30-minute episodes, it did not take long to catch up), and was immediately hooked.

U Chic Approved: Society 6

I recently moved into a new apartment and am desperately looking for awesome yet affordable ways to add some character. My newest obsession for wall decorations is Society 6.

U Chic Approved: Postalpix

Do you love your Instagram photos but have no way of printing them? Good news! will print your photos for as low as 21 cents a photo. Now that’s being chic but cheap!

Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Last year was full of color. Colored jeans, ornate baroque patterns and the increase of vibrant mix-and-match outfits decorated the runway and entered the world of everyday fashion. With the new year upon us, the trends of 2012 are continuing through the months of January and February as we make a gradual transition into the spring and summer fashion trends of 2013.

U Chic Approved: Jergens Natural Glow

It’s a new year, and all of us are optimistic about the prospect of new chances and new beginnings. We typically gather with friends dressed in our best to celebrate the year past while also welcoming the opportunities presented by the year to come.