What to Wear on NYE: Leather

Want to ring in 2013 with a fashion-forward bang? Looking to really stand out at your New Year’s Eve party?

Ditch the sparkles and grab some leather (or "pleather,” if you prefer). Leather dresses, skirts, leggings and tops all provide unique alternatives to the standard, flashy New Year’s attire.

Chic But Cheap Gifts For Your Sorority Sisters

When we were younger, our parents may have bought the gifts and said they were from us, but obviously they weren’t since we had no income at age 6. In high school, we had part-time jobs and could start affording nice gifts for friends and family, but here in college, we have so many other dues to pay. Some of us are paying for rent, textbooks, food and even our entire education, so we have become a bit stiff in the “spreading of the Christmas dough” department.

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Chic But Cheap Gifts for Your BFF

Gifts from your best friend can be one of the most meaningful gifts you receive during the holidays. Now it’s your turn to return the favor. However, shopping for your best friend can get a little expensive.

Here are five gift ideas for your best friend that will be sure to add meaning to the holidays without going over budget.

Chic But Cheap Gifts for Your Siblings

Are you having a difficult time deciding what to buy for your siblings this holiday season? Being tight on time and money is challenging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find memorable gifts they’ll love!

Here are five chic but cheap gift ideas that are sure to be a hit.

U Chic Approved: Kiva Cards

Tired of giving and receiving the same old gift cards? Look no further than Kiva. This nonprofit organization works with over 60 different countries to alleviate poverty through microfinance loans.

Chic But Cheap Gifts for Your Roomies

Finding that perfect holiday gift for your roommate amid the stress of finals might be tough, especially if you are on a budget!

Check out these five chic but cheap presents that will impress your roommate ... without breaking the bank.

First up is shopping for the girl who likes to stand out. Head to a makeup store such as Sephora where you can find Ciate’s Sequined Manicure Kit. For just $19, your roommate can glamorize her look with statement-making sequined nails.

Chic But Cheap Gifts for Your Parents

Shopping for your parents can be kind of torturous. You aren’t really sure what to get them, and you want to buy them something they’ll love.

Well, I have a list of good ideas that will hopefully get the wheels in your head turning about cute gifts for your parents this holiday season but won't break your bank account.

What Do Most Adults Want for Christmas?

Although electronics are all the rage these days, the most-wanted gift by adults may be something that doesn't require any batteries.

Surprisingly enough, according to a survey conducted by and Harris Interactive, 33 percent of adults want clothing as a gift. So, when looking for Christmas gifts, you may not have to look further than your local mall.

What else rounds out the top 10 of most-wanted gifts? The results may surprise you. Check out the list below!

U Chic Approved: Victoria’s Secret ‘So Sexy’ Line

Having long hair can be both a blessing and a curse. When it’s tamed and soft, it flows like angel hair, but once it becomes tangled, I honestly just want to chop it all off. So how do we fix this never-ending problem? After trying countless products, I finally found the answer ... and it’s a cheap one!