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Best of…(Roommates) It’s Not Me, It’s You – When It’s Time to Break Up With Your Roomie

One of the most important parts of the college experience is learning to deal with the ups and downs of having a roommate. Some freshmen begin college hoping to become best friends with their roomies, while others worry about being “sexiled” or finding their milk cartons empty in the morning. It can be difficult living

Best of…(Roommates) Keeping the Peace

The Problem “She never cleans up after herself and leaves her dirty dishes everywhere!” “Her boyfriend is constantly in our room—sleeping over, lounging around and eating MY food!” “She never locks the door at night!” “She drinks and goes out almost every night and keeps alcohol in our room!” “In the morning she turns on

Best of…(College Roommates) Bonding Tips for You and Your New Roomie

My roommate was Jewish and from Vermont. If I’d been a cartoon, you’d have seen a giant question mark pop up over my head when I found out. Judaism and the entire New England region was utterly foreign to me. How was I going to live with a girl who embodied those two things? After