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Sorority Chic: Top 5 Websites to Buy Gifts

Want to treat your big or little for her birthday? Or maybe just want to see what's out there for when you get your first little? Blogger By Hayley Eselevsky fills you in on the best websites out there to find sorority-themed gifts!

Sorority Chic: Prepping for Spring Semester Recruitment

By Hayley Eselevsky, Student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Not only is it nerve-racking for those individuals going through sorority recruitment, but it can also be a scary experience for those doing the recruiting. For those of you who are starting sorority recruitment within the next few weeks, here are some helpful hints to

Sorority Chic: Social Event Ideas For Next Semester

Are you already itching to get back to campus so you can spend time with your favorite sorority sisters? Here are ideas for some creative events you could host next semester -- after all, it's never to early to start planning!

Clearing the Air: Debunking Myths About Sorority Women

Hayley Eselevsky, Student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign When deciding whether to join a sorority house or not, there are a lot of things to consider. Unfortunately, there are many mixed messages in the media about sorority girls, and I am here to clear up the common misconceptions about sorority girl stereotypes. Myth #1:

Sorority Chic: To Live in the House or Not To Live in the House?

Hayley Eselevsky, Student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Freshman year is almost halfway over, and it’s probably time to start figuring out where you’re going to be living next year. If you’re in a sorority, one of your options will include moving into the sorority house on campus. In the sorority house, personalities collide and

Living the Dream: Making the Most of Your Junior Year

The summer is a great time to evaluate what goals you have for the next year and how you'd like to change your habits. We're giving advice (from graduates and current students) on how best to spend your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year. Kristy Shaulis gives advice on junior year with five tips to help you succeed and to get you on the right track for senior year. 

Sorority 101: Your Pretty Playbook (What to Wear When Rushing)

A Snookie-approved outfit isn't going to cut it with the classy and fabulous women of sororities, but that doesn't mean you need to be decked out in couture to rush. Here's some tips on finding the right outfits for you for rush season. 

Sorority 101: What to Expect When You’re Rushing

Throughout the month of August, will be offering tips, tricks (and the REAL 411) about what you can expect when rushing a sorority. Each of the articles you see here are written by actual current and former sorority sisters, so the information provided is from an insider’s perspective. By Kristy Shaulis University of Illinois

Best of…Dorm Life (Easy Icebreakers)


The first day of school is always intimidating, whether it's your freshman year or you're entering your final year of grad school. For most of us, one of the thrills of heading back to school is reuniting with old friends, as well as meeting new ones. First impressions are very important, but don't stress, we've got some great tips for conversation starters that will surely get you some new friends this year!

Pi Phi Sorority Chapters Under Fire for “Pretty Manifesto”

Most sororities are all fine and good...until they start living up to the stereotype.