Friday Favorite: Boots For the Winter Months

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Hooking Up: What’s Acceptable for Young Women?

As societal norms change daily, we as college women are always trying to navigate how to keep our reputations afloat. Blogger Julie Homerding has some advice on how to navigate the college hook-up scene.

#StudyTips Twitter Chat Transcript

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Watching the Line Between Healthy and Obsessive Dieting

Everybody has that extra pound or two that they want to lose, but how do you know when you're crossing over into unhealthy territory? Blogger Amanda Ferrara has some advice to help you stay safe and lose weight at the same time!

The Dos and Don’ts to Staying Safe Over Halloween Weekend

Ready to hit the town for Halloween weekened? Blogger Maddie Greene has some ideas to help you stay safe during this fun holiday.

Dealing With the Purple Elephant in the Room: Speaking Out About Domestic Violence


Domestic violence takes the lives of thousands of women every year. In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, blogger Jill Ravae gives advice and tips on how to deal if you or a loved one is in danger.

Friday Favorite: Leather Leggings

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The ‘It’ Bags For This Fall Fashion Season


Check out the new “it” bags for this fall season. These trendy bags are sure to be turned into classics after you get your hands on them.

Trend Report: OkCupid Dating Site, Is it for You?

Social networking is on the rise, and more and more people these days are using it to seek relationship advice… or even relationships. Here's a quick review of one of the cheapest sites on the block - OKCupid.

EverydayHealth: Jillian Michaels Interviews Rita Wilson and Shares Health Tips and Tricks

Everydayhealth shares an interview Jillian Michaels had with Rita Wilson in which they discussed Wilson's start in acting, her proudest moments, and her big new gig, as editor-at-large for Huff/Post 50.