What I Never Thought I’d Miss About College

Watching many of your friends start a new school year while you're off in the "real world" is harder than you'd think.

Three Tips for Using Social Networks to Share From a Twitterista

A Twitterista offers a few tips and tricks to getting started with social media.

#UChic College Essentials Twitter Chat: Budgeting

A chat with tips and tricks from college students and recent grads to help incoming freshmen learn the ways of college life.

Trend Report: Adding Style to Your Tech Gadgets

Want to find another way to show off your sense of style? Finding a cool cover for your smartphone or tablet could be just what you're looking for!

U Chic Prize: ‘One Day’ Giveaway

Think back to your most recent graduation -- was it college? was it high school? Remember your best friend? Don't you wish you could just have "One Day" more with them? Okay, pardon the cheesy expression, but this movie -- and giveaway -- is about sharing one day with your best friend, on the same date, for the rest of your life. 

The Lost Generation is Indeed Lost, Especially in Finances

Opposites attract. While that saying may go for interests, backgrounds, or occupation when it comes to relationships, but not many people consider finances to be one of the facets in determining a “partner.” A striking new epidemic is plaguing college campuses across the United States. The Huffington Post refers to college students as “The Lost Generation,” and it seems people our age have indeed become lost.

Book Review: Coming of Age in a Crap Economy

Let’s be honest—it’s harder than ever for students to find a job in an economy that seems to continually be cutting back. Combine that with the looming threat of repaying those student loans (not to mention the dream of one day having an actual salary) and the current college generation is filled with all sorts of doubt and worry. This is where Liz Funk steps in, to give you some tips on "Coming of Age in a Crap Economy," in her four part e-Book series. 

Would You Use a College-Student Only Dating Site?

Dating in college shouldn’t be hard, but finding a boyfriend may fall to the wayside when you’re juggling good grades, keeping in touch with family, making new friends, and trying not to be as socially awkward as possible. Two Columbia University students, Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer, are combating the hardships of college dating with their website DateMySchool.com.

Trend Report: Instagr.am

Do you have an innate love for vintage pictures? If you’re like me and appreciate the look of vintage pictures, but don’t have the money/time/skills to navigate an actual camera to get the settings just right, the Instagr.am app for iPhone is your best bet.

Trend Report: Cowboy Boots

Sick of sandals? Tired of flip-flops? Here's a shoe that's catching on nationwide. Prepare to be obsessed!