Fad Diets, A Do or a Don’t? You Decide

Fad diets might seem like a great way to lose the winter weight gain, but they can be dangerous. We've also got some diet myths that you may be surprised to learn about.

High School Students Learn to Be Empowered Women

A high school in California has a women's studies class, now at 120 students from 25 in 2008 when it began, that focuses on being a trailblazing woman, a woman who will change the world.

Trend Report: High-Waisted Skirts

There are so many fabrics with these skirts: chiffon, silk, cotton, etc. No matter when and where, a high-waisted skirt can always be an option!

UChic’s Tuesday News You Can Use: UConn Wins!

A new feature on UChic, Tuesday's News You Can Use article has all the news that are fit to "type" - the top news articles that will help you understand the world around you and give you something to talk about with friends, co-workers and family members (and heck you might even be able to strike up a conversation with a professor or two).


Eduhookups – Liberating or Degrading?

Another do or don't for all you college co-eds out there -- would you use a website to find casual sex partners on your campus?

UChic on HuffPo: Should You Wait for the MBA?

UChic partners with Huffington Post to give parents, and other adults, an idea about what college is like for real young women today.

Help Japan with These National and International Charities

If you’re looking for some ways to make a difference, check out these charities that are donating to Japan. For more local ways to make a difference, however, contact your campus student organization office or any local chapter of these nonprofit groups.

Smart Giving: Charity Donations on Your Credit Card

Thinking about donating to a charity but not sure where to find the cash? Check out a new program by SwipeGood.com, a company that rounds the cents portion of your purchases to the nearest dollar to charities of your choice.

Illinois’ Garner Hall Ranks Worst Dorm in Dorm Splash ‘Dormys’

Dormsplash.com named Georgia State's Dorms the best in the Country, but also added University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Garner Hall to their worst dorms list. Our college blogger, Kristy Shaulis, lives at Urbana-Champaign and gives us the scoop on this low-rated dorm hall.

Trend Report: Oxford Shoes

When heels are too uncomfortable and flats are too casual, turn to oxfords as your go-to internship shoe!