Georgia State Has the Best Dorms in the Nation, Time Reports

Students at Georgia State, roll out of your spanking clean extra-long twin bed and give yourself a pat on the back -- you've get the best dorms in the nation!

Be Our 700th Follower on Twitter by March 25 and Win a Peter Pauper Press Kit

A Twitter giveaway in connection with Peter Pauper Press -- we're giving away three great paper products to the 700th follower we receive by March 25.

Students Share Their Views on the Facebook Relationship Application

We've given you a chance to weigh in on the debate about the Facebook application that lets you 'stalk' a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend, and now students from Quinnipiac University weigh in on the subject.

Are you #winning? Sheen’s Looking for Interns Filled with ‘Tiger Blood’

Since it's internship month, we thought you'd like to know about this #winning internship. That's right the man imploding on the Web is hiring -- a PAID social media intern. Thinking about working for this now unemployed, winning, 'tiger-blood-ed' actor? Let us know why!

Rape on College Campuses Decrease, Yet Reporting Falls Short

One in five College women will be sexually assaulted this year, according to the US Department of Justice, and yet statistics show that 10 to 25 percent of men found responsible for these acts were ever expelled. Are campuses doing enough? Share your thoughts with us.

Is an MBA Right For You?

Thinking about an MBA, our college blogger gives you three things to consider before taking the plunge.

Facebook’s New Dating Application – Stalker-ish or Acceptable?

Facebook recently removed an application that notified you when a significant person in your friend list changed their relationship status. Do you think that was right? Do you think the app is something we should use? Share your thoughts here.

Trend Report: Bold Floral Dresses

Looking for a way to "spring-up" your wardrobe? Check out these fun and flirty (and fashionable) floral dresses.

Best of College Blogger Advice: Are Hook-up Buddies Healthy?

A fan of committed relationships, I have barely been single since I first set foot in high school hallways. However, I did watch my friends engage in many single-gal-only escapades, like casually dating three guys at once and kissing at least three others on any given night out. But there was always one part of single-dom I seriously envied: the friend with benefits.

Trend Report: Tribal Jewelry

Looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe? Take a "walk on the tribal side" with these new accessories.