Can Restaurant Calorie Counters Really Help You Lose Weight?

Have you started to notice those tricky calorie counts at restaurants, Starbucks' and other locations? Do you think they'll help you lose weight? "Weigh" in here and let us know what you think.

Product Review: The Callet

Need a wallet attached to your hand at all times? What better place to add it than to your phone, as if you'd ever stop texting...

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UChic on HuffPo evaluates whether men are more into marriage than women these days.

Best of College Blogger Advice: Balancing Your Relationships

As another Valentine’s Day came and went, I was reflecting on how my romantic life is (or is not) in balance with the rest of my world. Now, I will tell you upfront, my dating problems are backwards from most women. I have spent many years trying to convince myself, without much success until recently, that dating and men were not sent to knock me off my path to achieving my goals.

Best of College Blogger Advice: Why Facebook and Players Don’t Mix

Two-timing in the age of the Internet is nearly impossible, or is it?

Save 15% Feb. 15 and 16 With This Lucky Brand Promo

Lucky Brand is offering a promo for UChic readers Feb. 15 and Feb. 16, but only for the first 50 readers.

Best of College Blogger Advice: Love Yourself First

The old saying is true: you find love with one another person, you have to love yourself first.

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Think boys are hard to figure out? Turns out we're just one of the boys, especially when it comes to finding out what they want for Valentine's Day.

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