Top Five Productivity Apps for College Students

Looking for some smartphone applications to help you be more productive this semester? Check out these five productivity applications we've compiled for Chic College Women.

Trend Report: Head Scarves

Trying to figure out a way to combat winter-weather hair? Try a scarf -- on your head! Everyone from celebrities to girls on the Quad has been using these to stay warm and look Chic this February.

Kardashian Fashion Hitting a Sears Near You

Kardashian fashion available at an unlikely retailer this Summer, one the girls wouldn't shop in, but one that might afford you the opportunity to own some DASH-inspired items...

Quarterlife Crisis Hits 20-somethings…Hard

Graduated and...now what? If you're feeling a bit of buyers remorse for that diploma (it's so much smaller than I thought!), we've got some information about this crisis that's hitting all 20-somethings. Have no fear, you're not alone.

Product Review: Sula Paint and Peel Duos

What if you could switch up your nail color as much as you wanted but never needed remover to take it off? Sula Paint and Peel Duos make such nail dreams come true.

UChic on HuffPo: Are College Grads More Prepared for the Job Market than Grads 10 Years Ago?

Feel like you're ready to enter the real world? Some grads say that schools didn't prepare them enough and they weigh in on their individual situations in the newest UChic on HuffPo article. (P.S. Career experts offer advice for fixing this situation)

U Chic on HuffPo: Why a Guy With a High School Diploma Earns More Than You

How big is the gender wage gap? (Let's put it this way: You're pretty much screwed, but your daughter should be OK.)

The New Date Night Sexy

Your sparkly tank tops are getting old, and you've worn the little dress with heels a hundred times. Here are some new options for achieving Date Night Sexy.

The Party’s Over for Northwestern Students

The kids at Northwestern University are facing a major party crisis that might end up hurting Evanston, Illinois if the city's not too careful...

College Student Spend More Time Socializing Than They Do Studying

A new study says college students are spending way too much time with their friends and not enough time hitting the books.