Star Wars Creator Crushes ‘Ole Miss Mascot Campaign


'Ole Miss mourns as their freaky mascot plans officially crash and burn.

Kardashian Fashion Coming to QVC


Looking for clothes to fit YOUR killer curves? It's the Kardashians to the rescue!

Celebrate College Homecoming with U Chic and Win!


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College Trivia Month: Day 6 Answer


Aha! We finally stumped you, huh? If you've been wondering about today's trivia question (and were too lazy to hit the store and look it up yourself), it's time for the big reveal. 

Latest Research Indicates College Students Think Studying is So Last Year


Students are studying less and less, according to University of California Santa Barbara professors Philip Babcock and Mindy Marks. The professors’ research shows that the amount of hours a college student hits the books has progressively decreased over the past 50 years.

College Trivia Month: Day 6

Which college did Katherine Heigl support with a baseball cap in the People StyleWatch September issue? Think you can remember? Check out our trivia question to possibly win some fashionably fine retro clothing this fall. 

Fall TV Preview

Ready to get back into the school schedule? Check out these television shows that will surely be the talk of the Quad this fall. 

College Trivia Month: Day 5 Answer

This college won the basketball title for Division I three years in a row, think you know? Check out the answer to Day 5 of College Trivia month.

College Trivia Month: Day 5

More sporty trivia to win you some retro clothes for the new school year. 

College Trivia Month: Day 4 Answer

Julia Roberts is the famous student who was supposed to be a Vet after her training at this University (click to see the answer to Day 4 of College Trivia).