Celeb-Reality: The Trials of Being Young, Rich, and Famous

This whole summer seemed like a whirlwind of celebrity jail issues. First it was Paris's short lived jail sentence, then Micheal Vick is accused of having deadly dog fights at his mansion, and now Paris's partner in crime (pun a little intended), Nicole Richie, is facing jail time as well. It makes you think with all their problems that something must be unbalanced in their lives.

 It must be a real burden to be young, rich, and famous. Lavish parties and fat checks must be difficult to handle in their cold, cold worlds. I'm sure Paris cries every night after going on Milan shopping sprees. Cry me a river! 

I'm not here to bash them, because I think the media gives them that luxury by making them the center of attention, but I do think the real issues lie within our society.

Okay, so we like celebrity gossip. We've all read the blogs, seen the news, of flipped through the pages of tabloids before. It's no secret that the media is almost exclusively revolved around the "rich and famous" lifestyles. But one has to ask, why?

Is it imperative to our survival, to know who's dating or breaking up? If we were to go a month without knowing what was going on in the world of celebrities, would we survive? Although we'd be less amused, I think we'd be okay. And in a strange way it may help them, because they'd be less focused on what people think of them and just live healthy lifestyles.

Obviously money makes things easier in our society, so that's not the problem. It's the issues, people, and ego's celebrities tend to take on when they have so much. With all their privilege you'd think they be creating charities or volunteering in a local hospital. Instead their egos have them throwing lavish parties and driving around in a drunken daze.

Ultimately their fate lies in their own hands, and from what's been going on this summer they now know, no one is above the law.

In the end we know we can't help celebrities by blocking out the media. But help yourself…they say you attract what you are and if you're not looking for real life drama, you may wanna close the pages of that tabloid.

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