Celebrity Chic: Lindsay Lohan Overload


I was at the grocery store today when I noticed that *Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of Allure, Seventeen and Cosmo this month*. _That’s crazy!_ I also just ran across a video of her leaving a tanning salon in L.A. and was SHOCKED at the paparazzi coverage. Now, I am completely guilty of buying In Touch, Life & Style and the like, and I know that most of the photos in there are provided by paparazzi. But I had NO IDEA that it was this bad. I could not imagine having to live that life…and for a moment, I was actually tempted to cut La Lohan a bit of slack for all the bonehead things she tends to do on camera.

Honestly, this video shocked me. I cannot believe that it’s legal for people to do this…and not only do it, but make a living at it. *Are we cool with this?*

“Watch the Video”://us.video.aol.com/video.full.adp?mode=0&pmmsid=1475525&restartUrl=http%3a%2f%2fus%2evideo%2eaol%2ecom%2fvideo%2eindex%2eadp%3fmode%3d1%26pmmsid%3d1475525&mode=1

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