CheapChic Winter Wear: 5 Must-Have Accessories

Let’s face it– baby it’s cold outside! The end of the holiday season means an inevitable return to work or class. It’s time to venture from the comfort of your couch (and if you’re anything like me, blazing fireplace) and face the chilly temperatures. Might as well look cute doing so!

Here are five chic methods to combat the cold:

1. Infinity Scarves: I think it’s safe to say scarves are an essential part of my wardrobe. I have quite the collection of colors, fabrics, and styles. My favorite choice during winter in a chunky knit infinity scarf. I recently picked one up that a girl on my campus handmade for $9! LOVE this option, , but Etsy has some great, handmade products, too!

2. Upcycled Sweater Mittens: A couple of years ago, my Mom gifted me up two pairs of up-cycled sweater mittens from a local Craft Fair for Christmas… and I’m hooked. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but they’re also the warmest thing EVER.

3. Knit Ear warmer Headband: I look awful in hats, but cold ears are no joke. Feminine headbands that feature bows look super cute, while remaining functional.

4. Scrunched knee socks for Under Boots: In this socks meets legwarmers product, you will find a way to switch up your everyday boots look and have some fun!

5. Patterned black tights: I wear a lot of black tights when it’s cold out… But I’ve also found that beyond the classic sheer style, there are a multitude of options that can really spice up an outfit. Try the ‘sweater’ or pointelle look, or

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