Check it Out: A UChic Campus Trend Alert….Geocaching

The other day at my university, a bomb squad detonated a small unmarked box by the police station. Well, it wasn’t a bomb. *It was a geocache.* Geocaching is quickly becoming a popular hobby among outdoor enthusiasts and geography buffs…some even call it a sport. It’s a game that uses global positioning coordinates (GPS) to mark secret locations of hidden boxes called geocaches. _So what’s in these treasure boxes?_

*There are thousands of geocaches in the United States.* What’s inside of them varies. Sometimes there are prizes or small trinkets left by other geocachers to prove they’ve been there. Other times there is just a log book to sign. Sometimes there will be a disposable camera for you to take a picture of yourself with the box and leave for the next person to develop. Every geocache is different and they are usually hidden extremely well _(unlike the idiot who put their geocache under a rock by a police station)_.

*Don’t believe me? Check out* “”:// and enter in your zip code to see how many caches are in your own backyard! *And keep logging on to UniversityChic for an upcoming feature on geocaching* from Executive Editor, Stacy Hinojosa _(stacy has proclaimed geocaching her new favorite hobby despite the fact that she has no idea how a GPS system works and she’s never located a geocache.)_ Check it out!

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