Chic Buzz: The Truth about An Inconvenient Truth

If you haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth _(the Al Gore movie about global warming)_ yet….you need to see it. *The movie plays like a college speed course in geological history and the impact of modern economics on the earth’s climate.* If you can’t afford the movie price, _(or are choosing not to go to save fuel and energy)_ then at least read “UChic’s Movie Notes.”:// And for more information on global warming, and what _you_ can do to conserve personal energy use, visit “”:// Articles: Surprising Celebrity Majors

_Vera Wang majored in Art History._
_Hugh Hefner has a Philosophy degree._
_Brad Pitt is two credits away from a Journalism degree._

Who knew!? tells you how to “find a job with any major”:// and also gives you the info on some other “surprising celeb majors.”://

College Couture: What NOT to Wear to Work

_Can you wear shorts to work?_ According to a new article from Career Builder…the answer is NO! Their general rule is _”If you have any doubts whether something you’re wearing is appropriate…go back and change.”_ Also on their list of don’ts: mini-skirts, bright nail polish and too much perfume.

“Check It Out”://

Being a Bridesmaid without Breaking Your Bank

Being a bridesmaid is a great way to celebrate your friends wedding and show your love and support for her. But sometimes you’re asked to fork over a pretty penny to pay for the dress, manicure, pedicure, shoes, photos, etc. There’s a new article about creating a bridesmaid budget and click here to check out for some “beautiful bridesmaid dresses”://,22612,1007274_5,00.html I wouldn’t mind having to wear.

“Read the article”://

Fashion Blog: Check Out Allison’s Campus Trend Report

The hot color for summer isn’t coral and it’s not teal. It’s not ocean blue or sunshine yellow. Sure, those are all great picks, _especially if you’re in South Beach_, but the trend right now is white. “Read up on the different ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.”://

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