Chic Fashion Trend: 50’s Fever

The 1950s was a time of a booming economy, chivarly at it’s finest, and men doing all the work. Or at least that’s what pop culture would have us believe. I know, from extensive talks with my grandmother, it was most definitely a time I would have liked to have lived in. Women were celebrated for their curves, manners and given just about everything they needed. Of course many worked, as we can see from recent examples like Mad Men, but many also had the luxury of being at home with their children, something many of us will no longer have.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the modern conveniences, but I would like to have a door opened every once in a while. And I’d sure as heck love to have some classy fashion items from back in the day.

Curves, at this point in time, were celebrated by both men and fashionistas alike. Clothing hung to each and every one of them and women flaunted what their momma gave them, in a classy way of course. These were the days before women like Snooki needed to be censored for their dance moves. Clothes were made better and lasted much longer. The full skirts and peter pan collars often gave women a polished but fun look at the same time.

I recently brought some fashion items back to my own wardrobe from images I had seen in my grandmother’s albums. My favorite and most recent addition is a pair of t-strap kitten heels that makes me think of the classics by Chuck Berry and ballads worthy of the Dreamgirls. ¬†Some Web sites, like Modcloth, have even begun to bring back actual reproductions from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Their clothes are unbelievably accurate, well made, and honestly don’t really cost all that much. Everything I’ve bought from them makes me so happy, I just want more! Their bathingsuits in particular are great for those of us who don’t feel the need to show the whole beach what we are working with.

Banana Republic also brought the 50s back with modern flair for their line inspired by Mad Men and Ann Taylor has recently done similar things. All of these mall stores often follow a similar pattern and thus you’d be surprised how many 50s inspirations you will find by simply spending a day at the mall.

What do think of this new fashion trend throwback? I think it’s definitely worth a look and several trips to the dressing room!

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