Chic Insider: What You Need to Know Now

Did you know there’s a town in Kentucky called Monkey’s Eyebrow? Or that in Dedham, Mass, you can visit the MOBA: Museum of Bad Art? And that Cedar Springs, Michigan is the red flannel capital of the world?

Neither did I until I ran into while cruising the web. No doubt about it, Infoplease is the Information Superhighway at its best. There is an Almanac, Encyclopedia, Atlas, Dictionary and Thesaurus. There’s information on topics in a variety of categories including International News, History, Government, Culture and Health. The site has a Homework Center, Word Quiz, and a Daily Biography and there’s even a College Center with a scholarship search engine.

I used Infoplease to research CEOs and was surprised to learn that the CEO of eBay is a woman. Meg Whitman originally planned on a career in medicine, but instead majored in business studies at Princeton and earned her MBA at Harvard Business School. She is currently ranked third on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list. For more profiles on women CEOs, click here to read the article.

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