Chic Product Review: Bazura Bags

In June of 1964, the Freedom Summer campaign launched thousands of college students into the Deep South to register African-Americans to vote. In 2007, students are activated again, this time over the issue of the environment. In New Hampshire, students are calling it Climate Summer and are adamant about spreading awareness of global environmental issues and thinking about solutions.

 To coincide with increased environmental awareness, Larry Duprey founded Bazura Biz, an eco-friendly fashion business with a unique selection of bags, yoga mats, and aprons. The Banner Bag collection is their latest creation, fashioned out of recycled banners from billboards in Vietnam. Each bag is unique, and the colors are vibrant and exotic.

I tested two bags, a Shopper Bag and a Medium Messenger Bag. The Shopper Bag is particularly useful to those with the environment on their mind—I used it in the grocery store instead of plastic bags. The bag is a bit narrower than I would have liked for my purchases, but I only needed about eight items. So if you were going to buy more items a bigger bag, might have been necessary (or maybe two Shopper Bags).

I took the Messenger Bag out to a party and the compliments came all night. It’s stylish and hip with Vietnamese writing emblazoned on the flap. It’s the perfect accessory for going out as well as heading to the library or class. The Messenger Bag easily holds three or four books and a few notebooks. When I toted the bag to the pool, the contents remained dry even after the child I was babysitting splashed the bag.

Overall, the Banner Bags are a great way to promote recycling and eco-friendly businesses as well as to look fashionable. The only downside would be the way they smell—like a beach ball or an inflatable mattress.

Bags run in price from $10.95 to $39.95, easily cheaper than your average Kate Spade or Prada clutch. To purchase a bag or to view other lines by Bazura Biz, go to

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