Chic Product Review: Chic Energy Drink

Chic Energy Drink was dubbed the "It" beverage from New York's Fashion Week, but even after hearing that I had to try it out myself.

 I set up a party with a few friends and we sipped the energy drink from small glasses. Everyone was a bit skeptical at first. Most of my friends are picky about which energy drinks they like and which ones they don’t like. We each poured one of the two flavors into our tiny glasses and we cautiously took our first sip.

Everyone was surprised. It didn’t taste like an energy drink at all. I could drink it like a soda. Soon, everyone was refilling their cups.

Some chose the “Sin-a-Man” flavor as their favorite. At first, we were worried by the flavor name, thinking “Sin-A-Man” was a play on cinnamon, but to everyone’s approval it was citrus. “Berry-Innocent” tasted like its name. The berry flavor tasted almost like flavored sparkling water.

I’m picky about my energy drinks. Usually, I don’t drink any at all because I feel that the taste isn’t worth the boost that comes from it. I can honestly say that if I needed energy on a late night I wouldn’t cringe at the thought of buying this drink. It isn’t like any other that I’ve had. Every person in the room said that if given the choice, they would choose this drink again.

I was kind of skeptical of the aluminum covers that protect the cap from “dust” as it says on the website, but then one of my friends Ashley told us a story. She said that she was on a road trip with her roommate when they stopped at a gas station to buy energy drinks. It wasn’t until they were back on the road when they discovered that one can's top was covered with a sticky substance. The aluminum tops now seem like a genius idea.

The only question we really had was whether or not it actually provided energy. The taste seemed to make everyone skeptical of the drink’s energy boosting ability. Sadly, there were too few drinks for everyone to have a full can to themselves. If the boost of energy is equal to that of its competitors, Chic Energy Drink should have no problem selling. The taste itself will bring customers back for more.

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