Chic Product Review: Soda Club Maker

Even though we are bombarded daily by magazines, commercials and TV shows about drinking bottled water and other so-called health-conscious beverages, we still on an average drink an overwhelming amount of carbonated beverages. Anyone who has ever lived on campus, on their own or with roommates know that all those monthly trips to the grocery store to buy drinks add up. Sure, that liter of soda may only be $1.19, but why not make a long term investment where you can spend less per month and make soda anytime you want?

 The Soda Club Maker made by Soda Club – USA is a simple machine that allows you to make a variety of flavored sodas. There is no electricity or batteries involved; you simply just need to have a jet carbonator that comes with the machine and twist it into the back of the machine.

The one I tested was the Edition 1 version which is small, compact and a perfect addition to any dorm room or apartment. The machine came with two plastic bottles; the bottle is what is screwed in the front of the machine and receives the fizz or bubbles made by the carbonator. The bottle also comes with caps and serves as a storage bottle you can store in your fridge! After carbonating the bottle, I simply unscrewed it , took a capfull of the soda flavors, poured it in and shook it until it fizzed. And voila! Soda! It was confusing at first, but as long as you fill the cap to the mix about ¾ of the way up it won't be too sweet.

The flavors range from cola, diet root beer, diet pink grapefruit, orange mango, lemon lime, cream soda, cranberry raspberry and more! My favorite was the cream soda and orange mango. Another one I really liked was the energy drink – I could barely tell the difference between it and a real version of Red Bull. And yes, it looks and tastes like real soda!

Each soda machine comes with at least 1 Alco2JetCarbonator, 2 or 4 Carbonating bottles, and liters of soda mix, depending on which kit you choose. The kits range from $89.99 to $149.99, but are good investments because the soda mix will last you forever! Refills of seltzer or soda mix ranges from $3.99 to $4.99, but the mix can last for a few months, especially if you alternate between flavors.

Also, debuting in the fall there will be a new line of machine colors available. It’s a good amount for a long term investment you can use all throughout your college years. Be sure to expect that once all you friends find out about your cool new soda maker they’ll be spending a lot more time in your room. It can make a great Christmas or birthday gift for anyone who likes soda and wants to save money. To order a Soda maker or find out information, you can catch the buzz on Soda Club at

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