Chicster Product Review: Below 14th Designs

“Good. Honest. Handmade since 2005.”

 Anything that’s labeled “hand-made” definitely deserves some credit. For example, those amazing Hermes 100% silk scarves? Totally worth a small fortune to buy. And when I found out about Below 14th Designs, I knew I had to check it out.

Made by Elisa Miller, the designs of her jewelry items are so precious. They are definitely one of a kind and are made by quality materials. Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals are used to create a fairy-tale type of effect. And the price? You can surely afford her works of art because they range from a mere $10.00 to $40.00. And honestly, when I first laid eyes on her necklace designs, I knew that if you were to find something like that in other commercial chain stores, they would be priced way higher.

I was totally psyched by the earrings too. They are part of her new “Charmed” collection (launched on January 14th) and are made from sterling silver hoops with exquisite pale blue and green Swarovski crystals. Every time I wear them, they sparkle in a way that makes my whole face glow. And when my mom and my friends complimented me on them, I was proud to say that they were totally unique and hand-made. Even the packaging was cute. It seems as if she didn’t forget one little detail. I received a cute aqua colored pillow box with the earrings carefully wrapped around in tissue paper tucked inside. It also came with an authenticity card which was brilliantly professional and classy.

For you girls who dismiss hand-made things with a “Oh I can make that myself!”, think again! The coils around the metal are so surely spun that it seems almost impossible that a machine didn’t do it. So I decided to have an experiment. I tried to make jewelry on my own! And you know what? It definitely didn’t turn out like these. Lesson learned. It takes great skill and talent to make these – making them even more irresistible to grab!

Accessories have always been revolved around shoes and bags. Not many people understand the value of simple, well-crafted jewelry. Below 14th Designs have different collections that will surely suit your taste. It’s neither fussy nor messy. It’s not so simple that you forget to even put it on in the morning. In a way, it becomes a part of you. After all, the jewelry is as unique and special as you are yourself!

You can check out Below 14th Designs’ collections at or check out Elisa Miller’s etsy shop at Elisa Miller also has her own blog – check it out at Happy shopping!

(Image via Below 14th Designs)

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